Thursday, September 30, 2010


-You'd better check the Polar bear & Lion From the STEP UP collection by LENAKLAX before somebody else tells you about it , cause LENAKLAX is doing it , no kidding , her stuff is pretty much fantastic ,so click on that link, yeah do it .

available here ( FRANCE)

available here ( US)

Words from LENAKLAX:

Collection "Step Up"

The "Step Up" collection comes from something I have felt, lived and still experience...
It's all about the Polar Bear, it may sound very strange I know, but it isn't to me.
This is my take on the polar bear - different from what you may have seen or heard of them before - since the day they first appeared to me...

In the necklace, can you see this little chain with the bear's paw ?
It can go at the front (wisely near the Polar Bear's mouth).
Or, if that doesnt suit you (or the Polar Bear himself) it can go behind, down your neck and between your shoulder blades... as if the Polar Bear was pretty high and mighty.
If you think it would be nice to have the paw around your wrist, then please go ahead.
Then, there is the Polar Bear's paw earrings. As if you'll give your paw !

Now please "Step Up" and enjoy yourself like I do.


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