Thursday, April 30, 2009

when sound create objects...

at superstudio piu , in Milan 09 , i saw this really cool computer application , which take the surrounding sound and transform it into an evolving pattern, see it for yourself, at the end, rapid prototyping bring it to life...let me know if you know the "creator" name .. i lost it :(

Insane hologram body light

At this year milano furniture fair satellite, i saw this awesome 3d light fixture, which is basically a whole human body mounted on hundreds of conductive cables.. sweet

magic mirror:Milano 09

-this is basically some little square mirror that can be turned on, by default, when they fell a presence they are turned off, turning the giant surface into a pixelled mirror, saw that installation in Milan 2009 at superstudio piu .
by rAndom International for Philips Lumiblade / Software developed by Chris O'Shea

Adidas Liquid story :Milan 09

Apparently adidas bought that sweet concept from his creator (FELICE LIMOSANI), nevertheless, it is super impressive to see it in real .. by applying different intensity to a charged liquid , a soft sculture is created that can evolve in time.. insane.

Other artist using the ferrofluid are Sachiko Kodama or Shawn Knol
here is two videos of there work

Ferrofluid from Shawn Knol on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Milano 09 :senseware exposition

-this year at the Milan furniture fair you could see at the triennale an exhibition called senseware

this installation appear to breath , the material is formed by extrusion to leave air between fibers, it is like polyester , its elastic and extra durable, can be used as cushioning..
this installation is just made to l illustrate the propriety of this new material, i saw that in Milan at the triennale in 09

created by Hirro Iwata , the robot tiles incorporate sensors using electrically-conductive textiles .it basically detect foot position by conveying informations about where pressure has been applied .. sweeet .

mist bench , optical fiber that respond to movement , well it's in the title, the only thing is there is sensor in front of the bench that feel the user, and compare to other optical fiber this one can glow by gradient , by knitting thos fiber , gwenael nicolas created a unique and soft experience..

this awesome installation is made of tiny little needle , on top of a water resistant surface , this process is able to create words or graphic, when the drop is heavy enough it just fall down.. super nice.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Diesel successful living furniture launch party at the diesel Penthouse

- The Diesel Brand together with Moroso and Foscarini presented during the Salone Del Mobile at the Diesel Penthouse a collection of sexy pieces of furnitures and lighting.I really liked the raw quality of some of the pieces.

The collection is pretty simple in form but efficient in style with the use of complex print and patterns or surface details, bringing the succesfull design language of Diesel to the world of furnitures .from extra large couch , to ultra washed out wood chairs ,they also designed some pretty smart and good looking lighting pieces, a nice collection overall.

During the launch ,i had the occasion to meet and shake Renzo Rosso's hand and spend an insane moment at the diesel Penthouse , featuring Dj, live concert, outdoor patio..
The exhibition and event details like the Patio tents or the Bed Dj booth has been realized by a company called Wink, based in netherland,which apparently work a lot with the diesel brand , and also many more.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let's go to Milano

-I will be in Milan all week for the furniture fair 2009, I'm hoping to bring some fresh news ,pics, a video, maybe some quick interviews, we'll see.
Stay tuned ...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the beauty of a tool.

-looking at product all day and designing them..lately i tend to look at older product more than new fresh mass produced shiny products.
I always liked rusted ,old dusty equipment.
Her is a selection of old rusted but beautiful tools AKA tractor , the presence and the proportions of those products (yes a car and a tractor IS a product) are just lovely.
Adding to that a dusty rusted patina that only history and hours of use can give you , this is pure beauty .
All pictures from Flickr, Copyright in pictures names , click to zoom.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tadashi Kawamata fantastic wood huts and creations since 1977

-Looking for tree houses i stumble upon the work of Tadashi Kawamata , i was amazed by the visionary statement of his early work.
Since first exhibiting his work in 1977, Kawamata has produced a large amount of sculpture, tree houses, showpiece for exhibition and projects all over the world.
What strikes me is the type of work he was doing in between 1980 and 1990 which i think was too advanced for his time.
Nowadays, Arne Quinze is creating similar work in fluorescent shades of colors ,with a lot more media coverage , but if you look at it a little bit more, those guys work is not far apart, nowadays Kawamata is creating all sorts of Urban tree house from Art bezel in Miami to Versailles, constructing little houses attached to a building , an electric pole or some lonely urban tree, one word, genius.
more info

Tree houses are fun.

-A Tree house must be the closest thing to Joy as a "product-architecture-experience" Imagine being in one of those it that kids are just not kid anymore and parents are just never growing up ones, i guess the tree houses have always been built then forgotten but lately it seems like tree houses are the latest and great stuff to build.
>Click to enlarge pics ;credits as file title

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lip watches

-iconic design of watches, clean, big, strog looking ...Big fridge . roger Talon 1975;lip de baschmakoff design Francois de baschmakoff 1971; Mythic , design Prisca Briquet 2007 all of a sudden Nixon seems a little bit less creative..

fleur de lys Equus carpet by Asylum

-Asylum Collection is an interior collection designed by Dutch designers Bo Reudler and Seroj de Graaf to reinvigorate our surroundings with imagination and meaning. All products of the Asylum Collection are limited editions hand made in the Netherlands.,
Asylum Collection designed a new carpet for ToolsGalerie in Paris. It is called Equus. A horse hide is cut with a graphic pattern made of the Fleur-de-Lys, an enduring symbol of France and a motif commonly found on antique Dutch ceramic tiles.
more info

Friday, April 03, 2009

Milano Furniture Fair 09 preview : design llama's favourite.

-HEre is a quick selection of my favourite pieces that i could preview for the Salone del Mobile in Milan 09.
As every year i will go there for 4-5 days and cover the event, this year i'll try to bring more videos and maybe some interviews (since internet will be flooding with sweet pictures already) .. stay tuned..
here is in non alphabetical order:
'eda' coat stand by nendo for arketipo
'cap flexo' by luis eslava for almerich
'villa julia' ( cardboard kid house, javier mariscal for magis
'steelwood' coat hanger by ronan and erwan bouroullec for MAgis
'tria'by luis eslava for almerich
'lucio' by5.5 designers: new coincasa collection