Wednesday, November 29, 2006

jamungo new toyz

-If you don't know Jamungo , here is some of theit toys Nades and BUDs are the blanck DIY explosive toyz and those grey and transparent one are Atomic and Flame , through toysrevil
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Inversed Shower by VITEO

-Danny Venley designed this product for VITEO , its an upside down shower, or a giant shower bidet , as you want but the visual is interesting and the concept is fun , for outside purpose only i would say...
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loewe rainbow TV

-The boring world of the flat screen is about to change with this Loewe candy quality screen . , color inside and outside . yummy

Arthur and the Minimoys :: Luc Besson

-LAst movie from Luc Besson , this film is in the dark room today in France , graphically colorfull and attractive its the first 3d animation movie from Besson . hope this is not the last one .

Watch the trailer ( in french)

Mario Bros Pillows

-As easy as it is . The world of mariobros in your living room.
Two different style.Mushroom pillow/1up pillow and Question mark brick/brick wall.
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Diesel Fall Winter 06 Collection :: The website

-USually flash web design can be full of effect colors and sounds, check this web site, very smooth creative and a pleasure for the eyes.
Interesting way to show the clothes on movements .By clicking a picture you see the model in full effect after 3 seconds , easy and attractive.
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Olivier Bertrand :: the soul bowl

-Are you ready to nest in transcendental form to reach higher design consciousness, the soul bowl is an interior piece for inner peace.
constructed with steel carcass finshed in an assortment of fabrics.
COntact :
Olivier for more informations:
Or :
cow design by NSR:NSR Australia PTY . 189-191 Balaclava Rd Caulfield Nth Vic 3161 . Australia + 61395260011

O.Bertrand Myspace page.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Skin footwear :: bones and skin

-This is new and its for your feet, revolutionary two-part system . the bones ( the inside fit your feet perfectly) the skin (the outside fit your outfit perfectly (interchangeable))
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pocksi goggles :: endless screen

-Its winter time , and here wher i live actually it's snowing, so it's definitely time for snowboard gears.
Look at those goggles by Pocksi, designed by Jan Woxing those anti scratch, antii fog Lobes features a single spherical LEns ...
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Eva solo :: florentine vase

-Just clean , nice and smooth.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

shanghai :: part 1 :: shoes

KOWABUNGA! (sorry, this is all out of order...) explained below

shanghai :: part 2 :: the city

llollipop here, reporting in for duty. i took a trip. here are some pics. 3ish days in shanghai. and more. more later.

i wish i could explain to you the vastness of shanghai, particularly in comparison to most american cities i know. the cityscape pictures you see are from my hotel room, looking south and east, in pudong, south of the huangpu river. the heart of city is behind me, to the north. so here we are, looking out as the city stretches out and falls away...sort of. it is staggering to me that buildings of that size and quantity go as far as the eye can see. even on days with low haze levels. and most of what you see did not exist maybe 5 years ago. other photos: shanghai grand theater, huai hai road -- the city shops at night

shanghai :: part 4 :: this is mickey???

this is mickey. and joe cool. and astro man. seriously. above and beyond anything i'd dreamed of when i thought of upscale mass market. gorgeous. criminy

grow your own 1-up mushroom

-Grow Your Own 1up Mushroom Kit Includes:

Green Pipe Planter
"Seed" packet (though, they are really spores)
Food solution bottle
Water dropper
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new world shopping emporium :: shanghai

it is true what chriscoco says about shanghai -- it's not built to human scale. the same principle has been applied to the shopping. we went to the new world shopping emporium to see what we could find, from a designer's perspective. i was expecting massive scale, but i wasn't really prepared for what that is in reality. furthermore, i was expecting an assortment of mass-produced goods similar to that which you might find in your "average upscale" mall in the states. well, er, i was blown away. it was really a joy to look the details, the wide wide range of the assortments, the luxury products in well-loved brand lines, the SHAZAAM! on the ladies shoes...there was too much to absorb (or even photograph) in a handful of hours so i focused mainly on shoes...o, the shoes

Audrey Kawasaki

-From LA studied in New York and back in los angeles , Audrey Kawasaki creATE PURE VISUAL PLEASURE ON WOOD ,mainly women faces and bodys her work is gorgeous, check the subtle relief and color used . so nicccce.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tit'fruit's land ::coffee illustrations

-Surfing on isd-up portfolios found a link to this artist from marseille (france) who's illustrating animals and objects with coffee on newspaper ..deep and rich.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Muji design contest ::the results

-Finally after three month the winning works are online . FOr the first edition the works addressed the theme ‘SUMI’
see the results

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Harri Koskinen

- Harri Koskinen has designed a flaming red, mouth-blown, carafe with a capacity of 125 cl for Iittala enjoy the red.. throughdesignmouse

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banksy ::indoor

-looking for some high impact visual work ..go for BANKSY

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