Friday, June 30, 2006

marion peck painting

-Marion Peck was born on October 3, 1963, in Manila, the Philippines, while her family was on a trip around the world. She grew up in Seattle, Washington, the youngest of four children.
She has exhibited her work in Paris, Rome, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Her paintings are in the collections of Danny Elfman, Gary Larson, Mark Ryden, and many other private collections in the United States and Europe.
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the pong clock

funny ...through tech blog
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Thursday, June 29, 2006

wide angle new lomo

-you probably already know lomography , this brand is specialised in strange interesting , multi effect camera , the second version of the fish eye by lomography has an interesing adon the pause B (dark exposure) and a multiple exposition functionality and a nice brushed metal finish , for those who still trust in classic camera .. but cheaper .
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

vitamin living sweeper

-Spruce is a free standing lamp with a floor sweeper integrated into it’s base. The shade is flocked with a dust-mite pattern which becomes visible once the light is switched on.
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funny advertising

-Ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi has come up with a new version of those annoying advertising fliers , the STICKER for door bull eye .funny , but probably annoying after a while .
through the raw feed

Malte Hammerbeck volkswagen

-Another student concept car, from a stunning sketchman called malte hammerbeck this one is called volkswagen micro car , its a two seat (one front one back) and i have to say its quite appealing . visit his portfolio .. impressive sketch capabilities..
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christopher gilbert

-this guy give us some poetic and really impactfull images , mainly advertising , his style is sharp and efficient .really like it .
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RED BULL art of the can

-as simple as the title , here is the red bull art of the can contest , drink some keep the can and have fun while you are full of energy .. simple no ?
check the website to see the past event.
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Friday, June 23, 2006

c. quoi :: vase / sponge holder

lovely collection of work :: thoughtful, playful. I also love their vase/messageboard. and from one llollipop to another -- check out their version of the ageless sweet treat... more info

yosuke watanabe :: silhouette light

a sarcastic little lamp for you more info

details :: the filepecker

a little whimsy and bright color to make sure you don't forget those important memos! design site here

goods :: stretch

from the website :: Aart Roelandt is fascinated by products made of material of one kind. The dish 'Stretch' is a good example. The starting point is a stainless steel disc that has been provided with slits made by a laser cutter. Total length of the slits is 8,75 yard. By pulling the edges of the disc upwards a dish arises. enjoy goods

jackie shapiro :: french bull :: grace series

bright, energetic colors, eclectic layered imagery & a playful spirit bring a lot of fun to the table more goodies here

michael kritzer :: fuzzi

this chair looks oh so comfy -- in a very visually pleasing way -- and it's easy to wash!. nice portfolio of work.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Solio :: Portable Hybrid Solar Power Charger

Neat! Efficient & gorgeous fan design. Relatively compact and is compatible with most of your many many gadgets. Charge directly to your electronic device or store the power. Also includes a wall charger adapter. more info

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ping Pong Vader

Q :: What happens when you beat your Sith boss at a friendly game of ping pong? A :: go here and check out this new venture while you're at it

Incident of the French Camp

Neat style -- click on the acornlique post tag to find more. check it

Monday, June 19, 2006

ATOMdesign :: hammer for Vaughan & Bushnell

I love it when people redesign objects whose design language has become so very very commonplace... What's even better is that this hammer seems to have all the earmarks of a superior product. In their words, "The Split-Head hammer offers many new features never seen before in the industry such as integrated overstrike plates, modular head construction, and elastomeric shockgaskets just to name a few." more info

Sunday, June 18, 2006

fabric interfaces for your favorite gadgets

wireless fabric keyboard for your blackberry? jackets with iPod controls in the lapels? visit eleksen for the smart fabrics, visit koyono for the BlackCoat

cool match lamp

-Lean it in a corner or lay it on the floor! It may not be free standing, but this striking lamp could really pull the room together. It comes with 2 match tips in white and red and measures about 60.6 inches. UL approved
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A.R.O. first toy

Artoyz hosted A.R.O. Open Head Evolution Brain: Rock the Dice featuring the very first toy from Steph Cop! This vinyl gem combines street art and culture sensibilities to produce an original, super posable figure.
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the kattbank

-the kattbank concept is really simple , you have a cat and a small appartment , so you need a litter box for your cat but you don't like to show it . here is the solution , the cat litter is hided under the bench . simple smart and smelly .
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adicolor color stripes

-for those like me who heqrd about adicolor but never understood that the 3 band were interchangeable .. here is the image . really like those .
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simple bird house

-this belgium creation is a great effort of minimalism and simplicity but still keep a strong identity . wel done xldesign
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Thursday, June 15, 2006

nixon watch- the banks

-Nixon .. again .. this is a very nice exercice of purity ,and precision but even with this new orange finish it stay very masculine .
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amy adams birds feet

-those salt and peppershakers are simple and attractive , they will go perfectly with some morning eggs ..
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

united nude :: mobius and porn

I seem to have a thing for shoes these days, er... But I love the audacious simplicity of these forms, their construction method, the design concept and how the raw minimalism is made comfortable with the lightest touch of feminine detailing.
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terra plana :: goa shoe

Cool, sexy, simple, chic. AND the company has wonderful sustainability aspirations.
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nomad :: matt gagnon

Magnetized, mobile furniture that can be used inside or outside. Remove the cushions and use as a planter. more info

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

dopie shoes :: by studiohead

they're shoes. seriously. pretty neat, eh? think they work??? the shoes, the designers

limited edition panton chair in orange :: by vitra

The iconic plastic cantilevered chair by Panton continues on boldly...
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book :: Concept Design 2

For sci-fi buffs, film industry geeks and just everybody in general, seriously amazing conceptual scene & character work.
read up on the book

nixon watches - the vega

- available in powerfull red,orange ,white and black this fun looking watch from nixon is not expensive and will be a good summer present for your girlfriend ..
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industreal dream collection

-not so new , but still good looking this new "dream collection"from industreal is poetic,simple and sometimes beautiful.
here is some examples ...have a look
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t4nk vase

-Greg VANDENBUSSCHE again ..
this french designer is talented .. for sure , here is his last creation, a flower and a tank , like a little peacefull message in this crazy world .. kind of ..
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Monday, June 12, 2006

doze green last toy ..

-doze green last toy which was available in asia since couple month is now available through my plastic heart shop .. looks tight.
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crazy football

-those guy at bora.herke are pretty funny , it seems like they worked with colette (paris shop ) again.. to create those 32 different football representing each country , pretty fun and highly colored those balls were exposed at colette (paris shop)and they are now at adidas originals berlin
münzstrasse 13-15 · berlin-mitte · from 10.07.2006
through mighty illusion mighty illusion

Dialounge - chaise longue

- good old concept of the ying and yang chair , but this one is pretty well done ...
The communication- chaiselongue dialounge is manufactured in PE in the rotational-moulding process. It is wheatherproof, can be dismantled, is stackable and has integrated cupholders as well as space for magazines.

for Club, Lounge, Pool, Hotel, Garden, Bar, Patio, Beach, Livingroom....
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Webb Scarlett de Vlam

Ok...I don't talk about mass consumer products or packaging very's usually no where near as dreamy as all of our concept cars and designer toys and such but I'm making an exception!!! With recent changes in materials and technology, the standard concepts in consumer packaging (and what consumers have come to expect from consumer packaging) have been undergoing serious shape-shifting... It's not enough for a product label to proudly & distinctively proclaim the features of, say, your favorite liquid soap NOR for the container also to be sexy AND efficient at holding your goo...In addition, the container has to...well...handle like it was born to do just what you desire it to do AND make you feel just like you want to feel. It's a tall order, the competition is tough and the price points are killer. Form & function, features & fashion all have to unite in perfect harmony. take a peek at these folks

Clear RX

They say that every problem is a design problem...Deborah Adler took this to heart in her work on her Master's Thesis -- the Clear RX project. Making sure you take the right medication, at the right time, in the right amount, with or not with the right combination of other things is a serious, albeit not glamorous, concern. Many kudos to Deborah to putting design to task and developing a solution. Kudos also to Target for supporting her and helping to make this real. read up

Sunday, June 11, 2006

plan 01 - memorial vendee

- Vendée’s historical museum by plan 01
this memorial is covered by grass plan ,it give this building a calm and unobstrusive exterior ( a frangment of landsdcape )
in Lucs sur Boulogne (85), France Program:
Vendée’s historical museum, long term and temporary exhibition halls, children’s museum, pedagogic rooms, conservation , archives, entrance, lobby with cafeteria and shop, administration.(through I-D magazine)
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