Sunday, April 29, 2007

Video milano 07: Designersblock sound chair

-He created the sound then remixed it to obtain every single layer of the chair , interesting process . comment if you have any questions.

'voiceprints' prints by 'voiceprints' Pierre Proske

-Pierre Proske has developed computer software that translates different frequencies in someone's voice into spiral patterns, producing what he calls 'voiceprints'.
through transmaterial
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Video milano 07: Kef - Ross lovegrove Muon speakers

-Speakers where big , the sound was good, the floor was Impressive and the celling even more .

Video milano 07: Fiat 500 interactive screen@ Cappelini showroom

-really fluid and playful way to show a collection of personalization for the fiat 500 ( those were created on a screen behind by random people on a touch screen then printed with their name on it : yes like at your favorite attraction park.
Very good one though.

Video milano 07: Via French exhibition

-Via showroom @ superstudio piu , some really interesting concepts .
-The cork chair mounted without any glue or screw '
-The alveole chair which is declined through the rapid prototyping process creating infinite possibilities of structure keeping the sames roots.
-a light made out of fibers with a circle of light mounted on top giving a sens of lightness to the lamp'

Video milano 07: interactive Dj table

Party in Milan, we tried this incredible sound system from the future, it's seriously powerfull and interesting , wish i could try it again and again...
6 different plastic pieces with a tag on it to represent the bass, the sampler , the rythme, you can adjust each other by turning them slowly and you can connect the different modules to make them work together ( ex: rythme +reverb effect ...)

Video milano 07: Droog design interactive table

-one camera film the colors and the projector diffuse an interactive shadow .

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Milano design week : 21 Avril "Tutto benne party"

Here is a quick preview of some products presented at the bella vitta party "that's design 2007 " The Stone hoven, some more butterfly and some fun outside in the water ..don't hesitate to comment if you have any questions.

Milano design week : 21 Avril "Droog Design"

-For Droog every product as a story to tell
,more after the break with a video of the coloed shadow table,..

Milano design week : 21 Avril "established and sons"

-Established and sons did a great show this year with more than 15 new products from Michael Young to Zaha Hadid here is a little sample

Milano design week : 21 Avril "designers block"

More on designers block after the break with links and videos.. grreat exhibition as always.

Milano design week : 21 Avril

-a little taste of Milano streets, a police car, another mini, the new volvo with a little bit of spraypaint and an experimentation with the drinkpipe and the pasta chair .. yummy

Milano design week : Party places

In Milan during the design week, party are everywhere but there is some which are hard to find, private and generally full of "interesting peoples who drink for free and speak about design " hahaha . That's why we tried and we succeed to access those secret places ..( in a nutshell ,a giant piece of bres, an heineken party, a party at Giovannoni "appartment " and a little coktail on the roof by Modus.. mmmmmmh

Milano design week : 20 Avril part 2

quick preview of a capellini lamp,the lexus stand( covered of metallic paper,a close up of Lovegrove new desk lamp and some very "ecologic" shoes

Milano design week : 20 Avril

A skate ramp in a truck by belgium designers, a cow in a toy platic box( cows are everywhere in milan...,and a sample of the industreal "first cut exhibition " exploring new roads on laser cutting and engraving