Thursday, October 29, 2009

Light Up a Life With a Llama

-Ok it's cold outside it's almost time to go snowboarding, have fun ,celebrate and all that .
I receive today the Heifer International booklet , charity for world hunger .
In their catalogue they have a donation for divers animals, one of them is a llama .
so i am trying to raise 150$ to buy one llama to a family .
help me via this link.

let's get a llama<br /><br />&eacutenews design and stuff

here is the description :

Light Up a Life With a Llama

When resources are scarce, it's important that livestock don't use up land reserved for people. At home in rough, mountainous areas of Latin America, llamas are a blessing to families with limited pasture land because they can eat the scrub vegetation that other domesticated animals won't eat. Llama droppings help fertilize topsoil — improving crops and reducing erosion.

Women weave their llamas' fleece into warm clothing to wear or sell. They load them up with goods for market and trek with them across rugged slopes at high altitudes. As they travel, llamas' padded feet don't damage the fragile terrain and their selective browsing doesn't destroy sparse vegetation.

Llamas and their kin, the alpaca, provide Heifer families with invaluable sources of transportation, income and wool, which is prized for making blankets, ponchos, carpet and rope.

And as these handy helpers are passed on to other families through Heifer's model, llamas are helping transform entire communities.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

oldies-goldies : Fire Extinguisher

-while at the flea market ; found those really old and cool looking Fire extinguisher. Looking at some of the boring equipment we have today , those were really the days for material and finishes richness .Anyway i really like those...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I fell in love with "PABLO" LED lightings

-While in san francisco i stumble uppon a bright matte orange light that was petty technically awesome, took a quick picture and forgot about it , while in Chicago this week end i saw this lamp again in the museum "shop", so i did little bit of research and found out about " PAblo" a Venezuelan born industrial designer named Pablo Pardo , he has established its studio in San Francisco. he's A 1986 graduate from the University of Cincinnati's renowned industrial design program.
Today PAblo is a brand and the latest design are the Brazo lamp ( designed by Pablo Pardohimself ) and the Link lamp ( designed by Peter Stathis) , they are just amazing of simplicity for the first one and just purely technically perfect and gorgeous in finishes for the second one.
And you know what , after my little research i found out that they were actually affordable, i mean 380 $ is not cheap at all , but compare to the actual "designers lamp" market, it is not too bad.
Go PAblo.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

J-shea artwork

-J. Shea’s latest artwork is a series of handmade mixed media in frames based of recycled pieces clay and paint, i found that exibition at the LizardLounge in Portland. pretty cool art pieces.

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Haris Purnomo , babies in cocoons

-Haris Purnomo is a graduate of Sekolah Tinggi Seni Rupa College of Fine art, Yogyakarta, Purnomo recently re-emerged, more than 30 years after shaking up the Jakarta art scene with the rebellious Kepribadian Apa ("Pipa") art movement. On display at CoCA Ballard and CoCA Belltown through November 14, 2009.A series of life size babies floating like cocoons in a spider web, kinda creepy , kinda scary defnitely violent but eye catching for sure.
find out more about the signification ...with the more info link.

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Wall to wall by Established and sons

-Wall to Wall by Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer is a parquet flooring installation.
They have investigated the connection between flooring and textiles with their design comparable to a tightly woven knitted garment .By developing the notion of a textile rug being an intrinsic partner with flooring materials ,the designers have combined two conventional surfaces , top create a visually dynamic finish reminiscent of traditional textile patterns used worldwide

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Friday, October 09, 2009

wonderwall website is just HOT

-look at this insane navigation here, pretty simple idea, great execution, and by the way , check all the interior design those guys did , they are just everywhere, and those interiors are pretty sexy too..
Just visit their website for an awesome experience in flash.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Three A toys are awesome.

-First they are pretty detailed, and they are all about this rusted kind of quality, inspired by machines/weapons but also cute and fun.. in one word awesome.
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