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3d projection on building

-just amazing... for your eyes only .
check the video at 1.25 for the full 3d effect .

WrenchMonkees : kick ass Bikes

-Wrench monkeys is about building unique custom bikes . There approach is very special, they actually start from found or donated motorcycles to create low budget, but unique motorcycles. check out their website for more insane machines.
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the beauty of a snowcat

-those machines called snow CAT, which are basically buses or bulldozer for the snowy environnement are a subtle mix of cuteness and wild power .. i love them.

francoise nielly cool portrait...

-pretty precise , energic and deep. i really like that ..

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the junk dunk

-By GAbriel dishaw..just fun.

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those sexy lace shoes...

-just a quick post with three pair of lace shoes, i don't know what's about those but i like them...