Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mega doily

-Love those kind of stuff, spotted it on coveted. Seriously this is cool.
"Jean's obsession with vintage doilies grew to epic proportions when she created these full size area rugs using cotton rope. Custom rugs are available by request. Contact L&G for purchase options."

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Tracks Leather versions coming up.from AIAIAI

-from AIAIAI
..."we have based the design on the same principal, but with the 'house' covered by leather adding more than a centimeter to the diameter of the house. The brace is also new in that it has a crome look intead of brushed steal. We are also working on a special carrying case for this version. More on that to come. The Tracks Leather will soon be available for pre-order and will be in shops in the beginning of March 2010."
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