Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pretty awesome projector/augmented reality interface : Twinkle

-This thing called Twinkle has actually endless possibilities in term of new interactions behavior , it's basically a projector mounted on a camera ,you project, the camera film, the "computer" analyse the visual projected onto and automatically send project back augmented reality contentm, (here a little girl reacting to stairs,fire graphcs or water graphics) , in the futur this technology could be part of any smart phone, objects,remote or whatever you can think of .

Originally created to illustrate a Real-world game interface I can see some kind of a paradigm shift in term of what interactive communication or advertising could be , life is a game for some and this would transform the surrounding environment in an endless quest for projecting support .

In other words i am really excited by this soon to be everywhere little thing created by Tokyo University and Keio University students ...

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