Monday, October 22, 2012

lazerwood x OBEY iphone wood covers collaboration

-Check it out, Lazerwood official partnership with with shepard Fairey on a black only Iphone 4 4s and 5 wood cover edition. Fresh and Authentic, OBEY x Lazerwood get them while they are fresh hot from the laser . more info

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Red bull stratos free fall from the edge of space

Felix Baumgartner did it !
Watching it live on YouTube was actually stressfull and exciting . Well done
Free fall from the edge of space 39000 meter high,128000ft, 4.3min free fall.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

13.30 printable headphones by John Mabry ( TEAGUE)

-John Mabry from teague came up with a really clever product, some kind of a revolution actually, the ability to print on demand your own headphones, with a 3d printer as affordable as the Replicator 1 or replicator 2 from files are free to download on thingiverse , This headphone model has 9 parts that are divided into 3 different builds optimized for the Replicator build platform. From Mabry's own word : What if printed prototypes could become actual products? Meaning, once off the print bed an object could be assembled without any tools and be made functional by readily attainable components. Unveiled at World maker fair this week end . A great idea and a great realisation overall, now i just have to wait for my replicator 2 to print one for myself. some more infos about the launch at makerfair