Monday, December 29, 2008

babke esequeviene folded bills

-Moneygami: origami with bills this is what babke has beedn playing with.. let me know if you know more about it.

Pilen retro bike

-Pilen Concept
Pilen concept is a race bike inspired by early Le Mans style, the concept is supposed to create a sentimental bond with the user and also give them the same feeling as if they were driving a sports car. This concept is developed for the Swedish bike brand Pilen cykel in Målilla.
designed by Addi
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

G-star raw Helmet

-Quick and small preview of the new Gstar Raw helmet inspired by jet fighter helmet...

Oskar Zieta metallic inflatable furniture.

-a while ago i filmed the incredible process of Oskar Zieta ( at the milan furniture fair 2007), basically he's inflating metallic structure, creating this unique flavor of soft looking but extremely hard and cold to touch..
A nice interview at architonic can be found through the link more infos...

"... Interrelationships between geometry, material, material thickness, welding and deformation technology (in other words 'inflation'). The objects can be inflated with water, oil or air, and in theory each fold can be precisely analysed and controlled..."Architonic

i also post the video i took of milano 2007 you can find the process in motion at 7.31...and also appreciate the rest of the video if you missed it.

Milan design week 2007 from design llama on Vimeo.
check at 7.31...

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

silent disco

-genius concept mixing reality like noise complain with use of modern technology,the power of online group organisations and common desire to be part of something different.

Watch Silent Disco in Entertainment Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Carga bag collection

-made of industrial wool felt or vegetable dyed leather , those bags seems to be like a second skin .from designer mauro bianucci :
"... to introduce you to Carga,line of bags that I designed and started producing almost two years ago, frustrated with not finding a bag that was both utilitarian and appealing. With a background in Architecture, I started 'assembling' bags (rather than sewing them) using construction techniques in a different way. "

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Mattias Inks robots

-so precise and , can i say cute? MAttias art is achieve with a ball pen and color water.. sweet
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

yulia brodskaya paper cut gorgeous illustrations

-this russian graphic designer is based in london and specializes in a paper art techniques to create distinctive typography.Sublime

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void watches:v.01

-About the V.01 watch by VOID Watches

First out from VOID Watches is the V.01 with it’s delicately proportioned half glass, half stainless steel front that could represent the duality of life; like the yin and yang, the past and future, love and hate, right or wrong. There is always an intriguing force within these contrasts and since the decisions you make are often related to time, the V.01 serves as a reminder, that even if the world is not black and white, there will always be choices to make.
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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

time tuner

-Antrepo Design Industry is a multi-disciplinary Design culture
Time Tuner,it's not a tuner, just old fashion alarm clock with mp3 player for your timetable. It comes with three color options, Pure Black, Clean White, Strong Metal. it works with 4 AA size rechargeable battery or direct DC link.nice
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Monday, December 08, 2008

custom bicycles of Portland

-On a little trip to Portland this week end , i found this super nice shop called custom bicycles of Portland , at first; the carbon fiber frame bike behind the front window was serious eye candy, then i push the door and i discover another level of bicycle,only from the Guru brand, apparently you can built your own bike starting from a custom fit frame (insane equipment) then you'll find all sorts of incredibly technical pieces made out of carbon fiber or super technical new lightweight material.. anyway, you have to see the shop,the staff (Peter) is super friendly and they will teach you couple things even if you are not interested in dropping this minimum 3000$ for the basic set , but man if you like bike, go check them out..
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Artem KAS

-i found this image from Artem Kas pretty striking, fresh and colorful ..
what do you think?
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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Nixon headphone line

-in exacttly 4 days Nixon will officially lauch their line of headphone, nixon iphone headphone, nixon mic headphone, earpieces and all kind of sound goodies.
nice colors , honest design really solid looking products..
go to more infos for guess what .. more infos .
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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Jean Prouvé :le velo

-I don't want this blog to be ONLY about bike, but i love here is one i found through Flickr.. on alistairh flickr collection can you make simpler please ??
some kind of simplicity hardly found in todays bike.. structurally , i'm not sure , but it seems pretty strong . ?? anybody got more news about this one ?
about the designer:
Jean Prouvé (8 April 1901 - 23 March 1984) was a French architect and designer. His main achievement was transferring the manufacturing technology from industry to the architecture, without losing the aesthetic qualities. (wiki)

insanely nice toolbox :H.O. Studley Tool Chest

-check that one, can you guys dream about something more desirable, i mean i would buy that just to look at it , or to put it on a shelve.. too bad it was designed during the 19th Century. around 1860.. built by Henry O. Studley a New England cabinetmaker this is some gorgeous woodwork. .
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BUFF MONSTER 10" Teddy Troop

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