Sunday, September 30, 2007

Royal elastics AD

-Check the video through the link, very fluid, colorful and interesting.
the video

irene Muller_coffee+milk

-Nice pics of the fusion milk-coffee...
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Noguchi fountains

-Isamu Noguchi last work for the world expo in osaka, japan.
Incredible fountains that looks like they are flying thanks to the water power.. amazing.
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Gateway One

-A sleek and clean design , Supposed to be revealed tomorrow...we'll keep you posted with the technical features and what make this "all in one" unique...

Tokyoplastic Geisha

-Finally theTokyoplastic GEisha is available in 12 inches vinyl ( limited edition of 300), mine is on her way.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Timo wong

-The fruit tray cell phone aka Cells is soft yet structured, very nice way to blur the separation between keys yet defining it. sweet job, might be just a concept though.
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Monday, September 24, 2007

as simple as an Hanger

-This simple, sturdy coat hanger is just amazingly ... simple
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Pixel it

-Customisable poster .. lovely
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The earbud amplifier

-One for all,
Thanks to this ceramic Phonofone you just plug earbud in it and then it amplify the sound naturally, no need to plug it , no electronic inside, nothing just sound .. just nice .
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Light emitting wallpaper

-Found through Yatzer, this light-emitting wallpaper by Jonas Samson’s seems promising.
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Benjamin Hubert

-Found through Pan Dan, those are hard yet soft, i mean soft looking.. well you get it

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Burning man Interactive installations

-In the middle of the desert you could find more than 300 art installatons, some extremely crazy , some beautiful , some poetics,
Here is a really short selections of amazing work by amazing peoples .

First of all the cubitron, started originally as a cube structure where you could go inside, the cubitron is now a circle with thousand of LED ,creating marvellous lights animations.enjoy

The monkeys
made of 18 monkeys puppets in different posistion, the act of turning them with help of a stroboscope light create this amazing animation

then soem crazy ARt cars like, The elephant, a non stop party on a bus transformed into an elephnat..sweeeeet

Then the tarantula.. no comments

and the most impressive and fast , the spider car..

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Low REs fabric mirors

-MAde out of gradient rprinted piece of fabric or rotating circle those low res mirors are amazing.