Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Javier Mariscal for Magis, 2006

-For one time somebody has been creative with garden furnitures.. ok the floral thing is not so new, but when it touch the most boring furniture ever "plastic garden furnitures" i say yes.
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Jean Marie Massaud for Arper.

-As simple as it is .. it's a beauty .
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Thursday, October 19, 2006


-I found those a year ago , so don't ask me where i found them ...

kurt halsey world

-Amazing little drawing , here and there , don't even remenber where i found that but .. here is the link.
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Florero romeo

-Old but still Great ..
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Marc navarro laptop bags

-Those colorfull laptop bags from Barcelona ( Marc Navarro) manage to be attractive and ..will be available in december 06 . so wait until then and go for it.
Through W3sh

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-Illusion - White

This is actually very kitch , but manage to be an interesting kitch ...An eye catching and strong acrylic table designed to recreate the look of a tablecloth floating in the air.
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Fatboy for cat

-You know the fatboy bafg, well now available for cat .. funny? i don't know, colorfull? for sure , interesting ?. hmmm
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liquid battery level indicator

-Here’s an NEC phone with some accelerometers that enable funny stuff like a liquid battery level indicator

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mercedes recyclable ?

-This is supposed to be on a car show really soon , still a rendering for now , we'll keep you posted as soon as the pictures will be there .strange but a good turn for the most polluting industry .. perhaps

Friday, October 13, 2006

MArk Ryden ... again

-check this Print .. so precise they had to reduce the original painting to a detail view of this Regina Gloriae Naturae,” based on Mark Ryden’s painting “The Creatrix,”
comes in a limited edition framed .. for only 3000$ its seriously not a lot of money for a livig legend artist signed print .
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

the quiet revolution : Claire Scully

-Found through the designers block blog this is a japanese inspired window screen,the print is a mix of repeated symmetric and asymmetric patterns.it's beautiful , i mean its really nice even if i've never been attracted by window screen before , this one is THE ONE . go visit her blog ..amazing work
the quiet revolution blog

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nokia concept phone ::aeon

-Nokia's new R&D concept phone AEON is based on a full touch screen, just touch it and the keyboard will appear .. nice concept .. but still a concept though.
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Ooba's Nest Crib from scott wilson and Co

-Ooba's Nest Crib combines simple iconic style with the integrity of materials that today's parent expects. The Crib features the highest quality walnut or maple veneers seamlessly applied to a bent plywood frame. The Nest crib includes a toddler day-bed conversion panel to sustain the life of the product and adapt to your child's changing needs.
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Monday, October 09, 2006

Zaha Hadid’s Seamless furniture collection

-More a form study than a real practical product , we love the details and the finishes of this product. a real art piece .. it will be sold by established and sons .. the prototype has been sold last year for$296,000 Stackable benches from the architect Zaha Hadid’s Seamless furniture collection.
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Thursday, October 05, 2006

wood for good

-Being awarded product entire research “2006 good design prize” ecology design prize
- The nature infrared light audio information terminal Aimulet of the bamboo wrapping which materializes Satoshi LA-( those kind of ugly stuff you used to put on your ears to have a guided visit of a museum or a park ..)
Really attractive looking product and on top of that it's kind of ecologic.. do you need more ?
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Nike custom hypethetic

-THis is quite extrem but i have to say that its also quite unusual , i really like the
ushioned tongue and the calm and elegant flavor of those custom sneakers .
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Power Line Sound System by pionner

-clean,simple efficient.
Plug up to six of these Power Line Network Speakers into an electric socket in multiple rooms and hear music played via the Sound Station, plugged into a socket in another room.
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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

3e-oeil flying bike concept

-the design llama would like to honor the paris based 3d renderings and design company named 3e-oeil , french words for "third eye" which did a quick "illustration" for VOXAN and featured on the cover of a local free newspaper name" a nous paris ", .
In the middle of other INCREDIBLY realistic 3d renderings and animation , this one is particularly realistic for a non realistic product .. i think you got it .
Just visit them

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worldwide llama

-the design llama is getting worldwide, check this out , this is the last 100 connection . we pretty much cover the states , northern europe and it looks like we got some chinese and japanese readers . so spread the love , share the links and continue to read the design llama, please don't hesitate to leave us some comments on what you like and what you don't in order to give you a blog that you'll love.
thanks again for visiting us on a daily basis.

zenum technologies

-Here it is .
we posted the black diamond concept 6 month ago in the design llamaand ...tadaaa
some news about this good designer named jaren goh
Zenum is A company that produces phones and mp3 player , looks like its created by Jaren Goh , or at least designed by .. I'm really not sure its a real company or if its a big buzz, in order to speak about JG design but , it works , its a nice looking product with interesting features, i mean , its a nice rendering for now . let's see in the future if this became a real product or if it stay at the concept stage .. we'll keep you informed .here is the phone and the mp3 player.
jaren goh
zenum technologies

Sunday, October 01, 2006

ISD up october portfolio winner

-Bertrand CLERC did with 2 other designers ( Olivier Gregoire - oliviergregoire.com
and Matthieu Plantrou) some funky,clean surprising piece of furnitures.
As a result he just won the october portfolio contest from isd-up.com
don't hesitate to have a deeper look at those products by visiting his website .

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