Thursday, March 30, 2006

(no, not the jeans we wore in 2nd grade...)

Thx again to JR for spotting these at the recent IHA show in Chicago.

Again, more fun added to those overlooked humdrum details of life, thank you TVS



My happy thought, my hero of the day...the llovely quote that comes with this llittle llady is (dunno if you can read the screenshot):
"One can bear the truth if it carries one toward love."

Under products, YOUNG RUFFIANS


For a friend...

Found posted here today


The original toys (with cat!), comics, games and desktop downloads (this pic)

Find her at the source

More fun here


These handbags are made from 2 layers of industrial wool felt w/zipper sewn around the edges. Lays completely flat when open. 4 sizes: wallet, purse, clutch, and carry.

Thx to JR for spotting these in trendcentral's newsletter.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Marcel wanders for moooi
the bottoni shelf designed by marcel wanders takes various different forms, the basic sofa'slim'version with slimmers arms, a deep version, deep slim and bottoni shelf . this version has a shelf integrated into the back .
simple clean pure and elegant .. what do you need ??

Vinta butterfly lamp
This light came from the idea of folding a piece of paper. The function of its adjustment of light and the space created by that are a result of simple action of one surface (the panel) being divided by two. The two panels with slight shifts to each other at its closed position remind a user to open this object up. This light gives the poetic theme to the space like a butterfly flying around with silence.

Putting up all components to graphical layout, and producing an appearance of line gathering. Easy to create a variation in form beyond that the shadow makes whole image to be light.
Rod chair
SIZE: w435mm d435mm sh435mm h=720mm(chair)
w435mm d435mm h435(stool)
MATERIAL : steel pipe
vinta website

E14 pendants
simple ceramic pendants lights availabkle at viaduct
thanks wallpaper

PD design
how cool is that ??
i fond it poetic well executed and so simple that i'm kinda jalous ..
more at the milano furniture fair
Pd design studio

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mago cellphone
* GSM/GPRS, 850/900/1800/1900MHz
* Class 2 Bluetooth
* Wi-Fi 802.11b
* Windows Mobile 2005
* 2.8” low temperature poly-silicon TFT LCD 262,000 colors
* non-scratchable touch screen
* USB 2.0
* SD/MMC card slot

out in mid-2006 for ONLY €3000. :)

community sofa is just about game, play, make community of people close to each other.
found on productdesignforum those guys will be big .. one day .

Jaren Goh -- Black Diamond

Jaren Goh is an independent industrial designer located in Singapore offering product design as well as rendering services.
The OLED technology makes for vivid illumination under the polycarbonate skin and makes a borderless screen effect possible
Nice and sleek expression of technology , still a concept for now .but... interesting
his website

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

If only more daily activities were made this provocative...*sigh*


Very exciting for the techno toy boys. Get all your hands-on tinkering and electronic gadgeteering in one cute package. Highly satisfying. Pre-orders begin April 1 at LEGO Shop, Amazon, Target, Fry's & WallyWorld. $249.99. NXT brick w/32bit microprocessor, sound, ultrasonic & interactive sensors for hearing, vision & mobility, bluetooth.
lego website

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Ok, here I go, welcome to my soapbox. I am SO down with this company. We've got this carpeting at my work and it is not only a great environmentally friendly choice but it is also my favorite corporate carpet experience. It walks well, wears well and is good to the eyes. SAY NO to large green & gold floral carpet patterns!!! Anyhoo, I read somewhere that this company's goal (end-all-be-all) is to be the world's first truly sustainable company (the exact definition and description of which I do not fully remember so I will not attempt to repeat and butcher here) and I believe that this is a fabulous philosophy for business, for conducting life, for giving your children a world better than the one that you landed in, etc. Their first steps in becoming a sustainable company (for there are many many many) involve changing their thinking about design and manufacturing in order to create a sustainable product. YES YES YES! It is a fundamental principle of design that often innovation, breakthrough, the new, the unique, the memorable comes from changing your thinking. Voila, FLOR. Enjoy.
a link
another link
a third link

vitamin furnitures
An ex-Philips Design and his brother created a brand : vitaminliving, products for home, things that appeal to how people actually live, rather than how they think they live, products revolve around laziness

Their official studio

Monday, March 20, 2006


These are dreamy. Another twist in this genre of design & illustration that is gaining in popularity like mad. I love it for the freedom...

Link to the site

And a little blurb:
The prolific Maruto as he is known here, assembles a new page each month (even if it feels like the pages assemble themselves) into a beautiful and scalable one-page Flash wonder.

Maruto devises a new interactive experiment that over a brief time span, combined with music and rich evolving animations, leaves the viewer with a dreamy visual work of light and 'sensation'. Once-Upon-A-Forest is a book of ephemeral cyber paintings that at anytime could entropy back to nothing on a blank screen.

There's a nice story about Once here: 'A look into concept and inspiration' from (link has moved since initial posting).

Blurb found here:

PLANTOMATIC / Bryony Gomez-Palacio

Oh wow, this is a sexy dangerous design objekt...
I have to clarify on this one...I really like the concept. This is designed to allow soil prep simultanous with seeding. The simplicity and implied ease of use appeals to me. However, I don't think I'm ever going to recover from the fact that this object makes me rather uncomfortable...

Found in Bryony's portfolio

Friday, March 17, 2006


This heater from Droog is now available for retail. Gorgeous, functional, fun! I'd mount that to my wall. Don't want the cord though. You know...I wish there were such a thing as "bluetooth" know: turn on your wall mounted heater (no electrical cords, hidden or visible) with a remote from anywhere in your home... Does this exist already and I just don't know about it? I'd like to know! Hook me up! (or un-hook me up!)

gadget review

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dror studio flat chair.
The Pick Chair Says a Thousand Words:

Studio Dror and Gruppo Sintesi are proud to introduce the “Pick Chair” and “Folding Table” with an exhibition opening in Milan, Italy on April 4.

the website

Monday, March 13, 2006

Inverted visual effect
"Lighting always sends us straight-trippin' when we find ourselves at a loss with cumbersome cords. Swedish design agency Form Us With Love defies gravity with their new Cord Light concept. Admire the way unsightly cords have been transformed into sleek and slender posts upon which the socket and bulb seem to rest effortlessly. The simple bare-bones design executes a high level of elegance without extraneous adornments or embellishments. Cord Light is available in three sizes ranging in cost from 120 to 170 Euro and includes the textile cord with socket and a custom light bulb."

Simply throw the Tetras on your table. The geometric bodies made of porcelain ensure that one of the four feet always points up vertically. A minimum of three Tetras act as a trivet on which hot things can be placed to avoid damaging the ground surface.
more info?

beautiful plug
The new wall outlet, which eliminates the very familiar form of 'a pair of vertical slots' on the conventional wall outlet, has evolved into a new form of wall outlet providing an advanced functionality.

from methaphys

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A scanner darkly A Scanner Darkly" is set in suburban Orange County, California in a future where America has lost the war on drugs. When one reluctant undercover cop (Reeves) is ordered to start spying on his friends, he is launched on a paranoid journey into the absurd, where identities and loyalties are impossible to decode. It is a cautionary tale of drug use based on the novel by Philip K. Dick and his own experiences. "A Scanner Darkly" stars Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson, Winona Ryder and Rory Cochrane and is written for the screen and directed by Richard Linklater.
me likkkkke.
the movie website
when 3D is almost real AKA augmented reality
look at this guy , nice demo , even if it s a 2004 show this is very promising .
SIMPSON reality
Being a hudge fan of the simpson i found this so great that i post it here.

Monday, March 06, 2006

One and co latest product
Its well designed ,its practical and .. i like it thats all .
its the new Wireless headset for plantronic named pulsar. who allow you to choose from your phone or your ipod in your pocket , with just one button ... nice.
"o need to fuss with your iPod and cell phone anymore. Just keep them both in your bag and use the Pulsar bluetooth headset to switch seamlessly between music and mobile phone calls with the touch of a button. In designing this first stereo bluetooth headset, One & Co aimed at the music lover who doesn’t mind a quick intermission for a phone call. "
One and co

i KNOW ITS SOLD OUT BUT , please send them a quick mail asking them to reedit this great book .. :)
Sex is a unique and essential part of the human experience, a simple act
that can be so wonderfully complex.

From the whimsical and playful, to the violent and sensual, Grafuck embraces
and celebrates the individual expression of sex in an anthology of
erotic/sexual art by an array of international artists and designers.


Last bubble
Hereit is the last item from the great LAST crew , young french and hip visit themm, great stuff online and beautiful dfree online magazine .. too bad you have to speak french to read it .
4 legs robot video
Surfing the web , found on ogizmo , this intriging and freaking video of a 4 leg robot , named big dog , this machine created by boston dynamicsis military purposed .
check out this video , strange , but interesting .

Friday, March 03, 2006

nOKIA 7380 REVIEW i found this interesting review of the new nokia7380.
finally a different phone , not perfect but interesting form factor .
enjoy and don't forget to visit them .

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Monsieur z is a talented yet over exposed srtist in france , he did hundreds of advertising during the last 2 or 3 years , go and visit his website , its clean , colorful and sexy .

give him a visit

One of the best web animation website , and one of the most emotionnal character creator , you definitely have to check the tokyo plastic website if you never been ther , latest news , the new opera dude available in BLACK and a brand new animation
the little fella , don't miss it . clik on the strange dog .
tokyo plastic

Nagi Noda
Paris at the colette shop Exhibition April 3rd - 29th: Nagi Noda.
Japanese artistic director and all-round icon Nagi Noda reveals her whimsical universe complete with videos galore and fantasy animals aplenty. For more info check

Charlotte savary et WAX TAILOR
for one time its music time .
those two french guys will be big , hudge ..
the quality and the precision of WAX and the beautiful deep and melodic voice of charlotte will transport you .. seriously .
you can listen to the whole wax tailor album on his website .
you can discover who is charlotte on her website

fake roadsign in france
the website
105 street signs, realised by 47 worldwide artists , have been attached to streetside poles around the french city of lyon . vive la france ..

Dunny LA edition
new little vinyl toyz at kid robot , from the best L.A designers . check it out

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

3d images
he National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST, President: Hiroyuki Yoshikawa) and Keio University (President: Yuichiro Anzai), in collaboration with Burton Inc. (CEO: Hidei Kimura), have succeeded in the experimental fabrication of a device displaying "real 3D images" which consist of dot arrays in space where there is nothing but air.

Most of the 3D displays reported until now draw pseudo-3D images on 2D planes by utilizing the human binocular disparity. However, many problems occur, e.g., the limitation of the visual field, and the physiological displeasure due to the misidentification of virtual images.

more info

Thomas Heatherwick
describes himself as a three-dimensional designer. Considered “UK’s brightest young designer” in Icon magazine, an extraordinary selection of projects ranging from public art with England’s tallest sculpture, to a bag collection for Longchamps, a rolling footbridge and a collection about ideas for the Conran foundation, has been invented and produced by him.
through pingmag

SAAB aero x
The Saab Aero-X concept doesn't really look like it comes from Saab. At least not in this century. In an attempt to create some buzz for its troubled Swedish brand, GM designers Anthony Lo and Bryan Nesbitt went deep into company archives looking more at old Saab aircraft than at cars.