Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kix screwless eyewear For IC! Berlin

Kix is a design consultancy based in Berlin .
In the past they realized projects for Decathlon,Zebra footwear and more
IC! Berlin is a Berlin based company developing and manufacturing innovative eye wear for international market.
A patented screw less hinge system made out of chemical cut metal sheets is the strong signature of the brand and made it easily recognizable.
using existing ic! Berlin technology Kix came up with some pretty interesting form factors,check them out via the more infos link.
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-You'd better check the Polar bear & Lion From the STEP UP collection by LENAKLAX before somebody else tells you about it , cause LENAKLAX is doing it , no kidding , her stuff is pretty much fantastic ,so click on that link, yeah do it .

available here ( FRANCE)

available here ( US)

Words from LENAKLAX:

Collection "Step Up"

The "Step Up" collection comes from something I have felt, lived and still experience...
It's all about the Polar Bear, it may sound very strange I know, but it isn't to me.
This is my take on the polar bear - different from what you may have seen or heard of them before - since the day they first appeared to me...

In the necklace, can you see this little chain with the bear's paw ?
It can go at the front (wisely near the Polar Bear's mouth).
Or, if that doesnt suit you (or the Polar Bear himself) it can go behind, down your neck and between your shoulder blades... as if the Polar Bear was pretty high and mighty.
If you think it would be nice to have the paw around your wrist, then please go ahead.
Then, there is the Polar Bear's paw earrings. As if you'll give your paw !

Now please "Step Up" and enjoy yourself like I do.


Radioball WIP: welcome to the candy shop

-Well , colors are fun, playing with urethane casting is fun too, bright magenta soft radioball structure is even more fun to play with than to look at, Radioball 2.0 visible soon on , stay tuned.Thanks Teague for the opportunity ;)

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Roger molls Portrait

This piece was originally created for Roger Molls 1st album “Rewind” artwork , Digital album available here
you can see it here at bnko studio
Roger Molls is a Musician and a video creator promoting the positive side of hip hop culture, dancin’, breakin’ scratchin’ everywhere in the world.
His music style is definitely a unique blend of eclectic music, history, and culture with a touch of 70’s and blaxploitation roots , from influence from old 60’s/70’s beats of classic like serge gainsbourg or James Brown, Curtis Mayfield or even France GAll to creating his own music videos to featuring new american and european Mc’s like Above Ave or Art-cons ,Roger is a beast, a passionate , a talented individual and before all that , an awesome friend .
His attention to detail in the sound of each musical piece is just delightfull
Stay tuned for the infos about the album release.
Final Photography for the album Rewind comes from Samuel Amez .
About the painting:
With an heavy Blaxploitation influence , the goal was to illustrate the multi facets of Roger( sound, video, life extraordinaire) , i choosed to represent him Holding his MPC like a carry-on keyboard ,
Mixed media on Wood

More pics here

check his 1st masterpiece : Hipology-

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Radioball 2.0 Work in Progress ..feeling green?

-This time , i'm exploring the cast urethane process , fun stuff between, material durometer, colors and transparencies,you can also preview the internal structure, realized in SLA then polished and painted, everything being hold together via magnets.
more to come soon on Teague's website, but meanwhile here is a sneak peak for the D -llama readers.
enjoy .. meanwhile you can always check up the radioball 1.0 on my website.
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Friday, September 24, 2010

My new favorite chair :Thin Black Lines by Nendo

-My new favorite chair is been designed by the japanese Nendo group, well known for their material, interaction and life exploration, i'm a fan of their work, this chair doesn't disappoint.
The chair is part of a collection of black wire furniture with Phillips de Pury & Company at the Saatchi Gallery in London .

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Jeremy Fish at Upper Playground Seattle

I stumble upon this exhibition from Jeremy Fish at Upper playground Seattle 2 weeks ago , i really like those 3d wood boards and those mix match of hands and rabbit to create skull head, but i think my favorite might be the F.U nicorn- but i have to check for the real name cause i'm not sure about it ;)

One Nice experience from Arcade fire

-It's pretty simple, go to this website:, type the adress where you grow up and close every other programm on your computer, then get ready to be surprised , it's a pretty god experience /music video , pretty much the best thing in Html5 i've seen lately, oh and wait for the end, don't be impatient. .
this interactive film as been created by Chris Milk, thanks Brian ;)

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pretty awesome projector/augmented reality interface : Twinkle

-This thing called Twinkle has actually endless possibilities in term of new interactions behavior , it's basically a projector mounted on a camera ,you project, the camera film, the "computer" analyse the visual projected onto and automatically send project back augmented reality contentm, (here a little girl reacting to stairs,fire graphcs or water graphics) , in the futur this technology could be part of any smart phone, objects,remote or whatever you can think of .

Originally created to illustrate a Real-world game interface I can see some kind of a paradigm shift in term of what interactive communication or advertising could be , life is a game for some and this would transform the surrounding environment in an endless quest for projecting support .

In other words i am really excited by this soon to be everywhere little thing created by Tokyo University and Keio University students ...

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