Friday, May 29, 2009

The art of Adam Wallacavage

-The art of Adam Wallacavage is maybe trendy but is definitely beautiful and insane, love the tentacles chandelier, but i love even more the new elk skull chandelier, got this old but fresh feeling.,found through juxtapoz magazine.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Misewell, an awesome first collection.

-Misewell is a Milwaukee based furniture design and manufacturing company, founded by brothers, Vincent and Paul Georgeson.
Their style is not simple as you can imagine simple can be, but it's definitely honest , simple construction, really cool looking details (check the leg position on the Conrad Table)
Misewell product is manufactured solely in the USA.
The Georgeson brothers typically use classic materials and processes in unexpected ways, example : stamped steel legs for the Conrad table.
definitely a new brand to follow

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a sneek peek at AIAIAI new DJ headphones

-I have no idea if the color will stay like that or if it's just some kind of primer paint, but i always loved matte black and this is the kind of product that make me say , YEAHHHH , this headphone is the result of the collaboration of : Tartelet Records, Mannhandle, B&K and Kilo Design ,anyway this headset will arrive on the market in september 09, stay tuned .
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Emily Carr University of Art + Design graduation show 09

- I went to the Emily CArr University last month (Vancouver BC-canada), it was the graduation event, this is a small selection of my favourite projects , enjoy .
In no special order:
painting by sheena-weber-leedham, bike by Adam Sabla,painting by Stephen Fritz , sculptures by Kitty Blandy Davies,Mixing Table by Jonhatan Igharas, playful kid games by Lucia Ho, and pictures by Brendon Hartley .

Joe Vollan Art - seattle

-Joe Vollan ( a Seattle based artist ) art is actually exposed at Upper playground Seattle,I discovered it by surprised and i love it. his Steam Punk style mixed with robotic style fish and flowers is just awesome, hi slatest painting is a space needle one ( the Emblem of the emerald city) and Upper playground edited it on T shirt. sweeeet.

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Florian NICOLLE art on board

-the raw and unfinished quality of Florian Nicolle's artwork is just really attractive and beautiful, i love how he used the space , i love the color, .. well i just love it.
Go check his website for more .

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the art of mentalgassi

-from garbage to glass recycling box without forgetting about ticket puncher, this man create smile on whoever can see is artwork, that's what i call sweeeeet.

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