Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Roger molls Portrait

This piece was originally created for Roger Molls 1st album “Rewind” artwork , Digital album available here
you can see it here at bnko studio
Roger Molls is a Musician and a video creator promoting the positive side of hip hop culture, dancin’, breakin’ scratchin’ everywhere in the world.
His music style is definitely a unique blend of eclectic music, history, and culture with a touch of 70’s and blaxploitation roots , from influence from old 60’s/70’s beats of classic like serge gainsbourg or James Brown, Curtis Mayfield or even France GAll to creating his own music videos to featuring new american and european Mc’s like Above Ave or Art-cons ,Roger is a beast, a passionate , a talented individual and before all that , an awesome friend .
His attention to detail in the sound of each musical piece is just delightfull
Stay tuned for the infos about the album release.
Final Photography for the album Rewind comes from Samuel Amez .
About the painting:
With an heavy Blaxploitation influence , the goal was to illustrate the multi facets of Roger( sound, video, life extraordinaire) , i choosed to represent him Holding his MPC like a carry-on keyboard ,
Mixed media on Wood

More pics here

check his 1st masterpiece : Hipology-

more info

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