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Ludo :Nature’s Renvenge

-Interesting work from Parisian artist named Ludo or Nature's revenge..
lately more colorfull , those illustration of flowers, tree and cactus are taking the street back..

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Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen aka Ouwenz artwork is where you can find Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen insanely colorfull work, i love the depth of those images , i really like the intensity you can really feel in those vibrant colors and subject, well done Olli-Peka
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United States of Obama

-To celebrate Obama's first day as 44th president of the United States , i did this painting of "United states of Obama" , living in the states since almost 5 years now, the refreshing,warm and Joyful feeling of Unity and Change that Obama's election has been created to American and people living in America is incredible .
This piece is made out of acrylic paint over a 250*80mm wood piece by bnko.

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Chubu Mechatrobots by Kazushi Kobayashi

Chubu Mechatrobots by Kazushi Kobayashi are robot model kit inspired by product qualitys from the 1950s; they’re on display at the Tokyo Cultuart shop. Sadly, only for sale in Japan.
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Amy Bennett :oil painting

-awesome oil painting that look like miniature models,the flavor, colors and nice details are just stunning.
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The Skelewags by Chewie

-Mini drawings posted on the street ,playing with the street bump and materials , chewie brings funny back ...
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Bose Ad campaign

-portraits of Madonna, Jim Morrison & Elvis Presley created using pieces Bose sound system, pretty cool looking.
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Aros art

-about the artist:
27 years old
super nice and fresh ;)
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