Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New apple boom box
Time to simplify. Say goodbye to bulky stereo components that take up half the room and say hello to iPod Hi-Fi. Thanks to its compact dimensions, you can position it anywhere, slide your iPod into the Universal Dock, and soak up the sounds.
more info on apple website

Monday, February 27, 2006

Trailer for Tachiguishi Retsuden.
Mamoru Oshii's animated film made up almost exclusively of cut-outs from 30,000 photos taken over 5 days. Wacky.
Thanks drew.

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3d pong?
The 3D Display Cube encourages the viewer to think about the limitations of current display systems and the representation of spatial data. The 3D Display Cube was hand built and constructed from one thousand individually controllable LEDs soldered into a 10x10x10 freestanding matrix.
by james clar
see the video

Sunday, February 26, 2006

IWG mini figures

STRANGEco presents the I.surgents W.ilderness G.ruppo mini figure series! Rocket World’s popular series features engangered species fighting back against habitat destroying humans.

A portion of all sales are donated to a variety of wildlife conservation groups, including The Gorilla Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, International Rhino Foundation, ZCOG and Friends of the Otter.

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sony bravia video
poetic and colorfull advertising from sony ..
Tonesof brigh coloured bouncy balls bouncing in in San Francisco. music by Jose Gonzales
enjoy the show here
found through curious me blog
nothing to say about design , but look at that , that's amazing .. by the way i like it graphicly too ..

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Caterpillar yellow machine
Who care those machine just serve us , do the dirty jobs and are noisy , but he , i found this truck really badass.
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High Precision MICRO GOLF
PIT GREEN is an award-winning Design Accessory, which combines the love of beauty, with the fun of competition. This exclusive Desk Toy inspires trend-conscious people, with a flair for Sport and Lifestyle.
Those guys even create a competition ..nuts , but i love it .
wanna play

6.5 Litre V-15 / 640 HP / 3.3 sec 0-60 mph / 255 000 Euro = approx $ 300 000
what , its a nice car after all .. a spaceship kind of car ...
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Ipod Video ?or Mac tablet ?
Surfing the web , i discovered this image which is probably nothing interesting , but this could be the next ipod design an ipod with a touchscreen or the mac tablet ?? ,scratchable , yes ... but now full of fingerprints . I'll buy one .
Through engadget

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The bouroullec's algues
Old but still good to know , les algues or algae .. is a biometric sculptural system based on a multibranched platic module that can be aattached to other modules with plastic pegs through its nineteen ringlets , algues may be used to create flexible room partitions, curtains, sculpture,etc..
Les freres bouroullec

Magnetic Fluid Art
Pulsate and the pike tree arre two of the piece of exhibition that the tokyo based artists Sachiko Kodama and Minako Takeno developed an interactive installation entitled Protude ,Flow in which magnetic fluid responds to the volume of viewers voices by adopting 3D forms
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Great illustrations,story ,drawings .very interesting, clean and delightfull.

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is the inspiration of the Dutch designer, Rob Slewe, who aims to apply a new perspective to everyday objects. The creator of BLOOM! merged his desire for unique landscape lighting with the need for a generous-sized, lightweight container for plant material. Now there is BLOOM!: an innovative flowerpot that doubles as a light!
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BIG BANG by Hublot
"Big Bang" is the first watch to feature lateral recognition. The sides of the "Big Bang" make it stand apart from other timekeepers due to two aspects. Firstly, the amazing natural black rubber Hublot strap that has symbolised the brand ever since its creation appears to pass directly through the body of the watch due to the clever addition of a Kevlar insert, and secondly, the multi-layered construction of its case that allows a play on materials.


Danese kiska
At the MACEF 2006 , new creation from DANESE ,a suspension lamp,chromed metal structure and glass : clean,organic and technical ..

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Nixon Gold series
The player
23K gold coating makes those watches a step above the regular, therefore adding an extra price to the cost
Nixon watches

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Beat 13
Matt Watkins & Lucy Mclauchlan

Beat13.co.uk was created in Birmingham, UK, 1999.
Interesting and fully colored world of beat 13 ,this collectif explore
unfriendly support to cretae a new visual emotion.

+Rolls Royce painted live for Kangol showroom, 2004 + wild paint

foldable concept bike
Greg VANDENBUSSCHE a french design student just finished this concept city bike .
This bike named split , can be splitted in two part in order to satisfy your shopping pleasure or whatever else..

Soft wall
softwall wins 2005 world INDEX Award!
softwall now part of MoMA permanent collection

moving Sitters
Stokke, a british furniture firm learned lessons from babies .. TOK is made for sitters who moved instead of sitting still. regardless of your angle of repose , you always get the same support .
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Spider lamp
Istanbul based interior designers Seyhan Ozdemire an Sefer Caglar created this spider , which is available in 3 sizes .
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air switch
No need to fumble for the switch ,.airswitchtc can be controlled by simply moving your hand through the air above the product.
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Soup bowl and spoon
Royal VKB soup bowl and spoon is one of the product from Ineke hans
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Maia is an elegant and air chair. Its form is made up of several juxtaposed layers which offer at the same time a visual lightness and a distinguished style. Its long base offers comfort which its back is small. For better seeing the details of this product, I invite you to consult there video
video here

Mini Rallye Monte Carlo Concept
Mini today announced the 2007 Mini Rallye Monte Carlo Concept, also referred to simply as the 2007 Geneva Concept. Like the Mini Traveller concept, this vehicle hints at where the next-generation Mini Mk. II is headed, shrouded in an entertaining theme with various accessories. This time, the theme is the Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo (Monte Carlo Rally). The car is dressed up as a service car for a rally team at the race. The concept has the engine from the Mini Cooper S

Bill Gates in jail?
Microsoft boss Bill Gates was photographed by the Albuquerque, New Mexico police in 1977 after a traffic violation (details of which have been lost over time).
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Shin Tanaka
T boy is an collectable handmade paper figure inspired from children pulling their tees over their head ..

Leudo lounge
It's a bastard, certainly a species in revolution. It moves along boundaries of territories it has explored and, sometimes, it hides quickly, eluding any kind of definition.
By DODO arslan

the flying spoon
Who has never played airplanes with a spoon when feeding a young child? Well, here is BABYPLANE, the first plane-spoon, the latest aeronautical creation for kids! This gift will no doubt thrill all young parents who have their feet firmly set on the ground!
Design: N. TRÜB
more info at stilicforce