Tuesday, November 08, 2011

GRID-IT like you mean it

- Brandon Lynne

and Orange22 came up with this rather Obvious and genius idea in the same time.
a basic organiser for all the goods that end up at the bottom of your bag.
check them out, pretty cool stuff.

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Sunday, November 06, 2011

IDSA NW : The shaggies Design award trophies

- I had the pleasure to design and manufacture the new awards for the shaggies design awards ( IDSA Northwest design awards)here is some quick shots of them, check the link for some more work in progress pictures.
Looking at the finished product, the words seems to disappear and reappear depending of the angle of vision.
I wanted to create that subtle read to reflect the process of a design award judging. A trained eye can see things differently , and if judges look at the competition entries the right way , they might discover that hidden quality that deserve a gold award.

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shameless self promo : bnko new paintings

- hey there, here is a quick selection of my latest paintings on reclaimed wood , hope you like them.peace.check the link for more pics .
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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Minus8 by Dana Krieger ( Astro)

-“Time is a gradient and we use timepieces to slice that gradient into meaningful increments”

The name refers to the UTC -8 time zone of the West Coast of the USA.
The process of anodizing aluminum and metal-finishing inspired Krieger to produce these incredibly eye catching pieces of art . The gradient effect of each 8 layers of MINUS 8 is created by layering gradually more intensely-colored discs of anodized metal, the anodizing process is also a reference to time as the color intensity as a direct relationship with the time you spend anodizing it.
Another process PVD has been explored to create the grey version :
"Further research showed that Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) was another industrial coating process with inherent time dependencies. A raw stainless piece is placed in a vacuum chamber where a hard coating accumulates over time. More time in the chamber produces a thicker coating and a more opaque color."

Apparently he's working on making prototypes right now, stay tuned.

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