Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My latest homegrown toy...Sharptrooper

-I am done with this one ,Sharp trooper is a customed 10" tall Teddy Trooper ,he is assembled entirely through friction fit and screws, with no glue involved.

Sharptrooper is a member of the trained nursing staff , he's here to help.
More picshere

visit my page for more infos .
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lora8:: Loving it now?

Lora8 style is very drippy , colorfull and pretty awesome overall, i couldn't resist posting this one illustration of ronald..

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gestural interface 1 Hour design competition

Hey there,
You still have 10 days to enter the Core 77 One hour design challenge -
This one is based on Gestural interface , a common effort between core 77 and Teague I'll be part of the jury with Tad toulis and Adam Kumpf .
the prizes are the following :

First place winner will be awarded an Arduino kit and Teague will donate $500 in their name to NPower Seattle.

Second Place winner will receive a $500 donation in their name to Project H Design from Teague.

After working on the radioball , we approached Core 77 with this competition .

here is the brief :

Digital interfaces, while compelling and empowering, drive us towards a flatness that’s disorienting and boring. We’re losing the richness that makes the physical world so compelling. Worse yet, we’re replacing intuitive interactions with poor substitutes in our effort to make everything ‘fit’ on screen.

This 1 Hour Design Challenge invites designers to come up with a meaningful counterpoint to the all-in-one interface of the screen. You are tasked with creating a simple but engaging interaction that does not rely on a screen for input or output. You are free to appropriate an everyday object or to create a unique piece of geometry, but your solution must invite the user to interact with information or their surroundings in a way that encourages discovery while delivering an element of performance.

Looking forward for your submission.
follow the link to check some submissions and to participate .

more info

Friday, May 07, 2010

the Radio Ball

-Technological “progression” has reduced what was a magical experience to a throw-away feature included in phones, computers, and coffee-makers as an afterthought. Radio has lost its position of distinction and become just another input. The richness of the original experience including analog knobs and hand tuned reception is poorly captured in digital reception and pre-programmed favorites. The intuitive interface and discovery between destinations are sorely lacking.

Tuning a traditional radio is a rich interaction.
By turning the dial, users hear little pieces of music, voices, rhythms, mood or even news… half a second, sometimes less, but the brain is fast enough to identify interesting content. Discovery is inevitable. Even repeating the same exact movement with the dial often gives the user a totally different experience. The fusion between user, content and interface elevates the radio above a mere audio source.

Tuning a Digital radio is a flat interaction.
Digital radio stations are displayed by name; location on the FM band is lost. Digital buffering creates a delay between channel selection and audio feedback. Breaking the immediate relation between action and reaction provides another barrier to exploration.
Is the transition from minimal, intuitive, and tangible to menus, icons, and bookmarks true progress? Must we trade high discovery for high definition?

If the user can affect the experience, then the experience is engaging. Improvisation creates interest and meaning. Products should provide engagement on many levels: Touch, Sound, Sight, Memory, and Discovery.
Our goal was to create an engaging interface that would allow users to navigate through content to a precise destination without sacrificing discovery of new content in the process. What if engagement and fun were the focus? What if we made an interface with a product in it, rather than a product with an interface on it?

As a result the radioball is an exploratory device that encourages discovery through rich spatial interaction.

Thinking back to the days of old analog radios, the magic of finding unexpected stations in the midst of fuzz was both enchanting and evocative. Compare that with today's digital-based interactions of screens and tact switches; they give us exactly what we want when we want it, but leave no room to stumble onto alternative choices.

Teague Radioball from ben collette on Vimeo.

The Radioball prototype was built in short time and is meant as a starting point for conversation about the need for richer, more spatial interactions. All 3D files, schematics, code, and documentation is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 (Attribution, Share-alike, and Remix) and is free for you to download, try out, and improve upon. Enjoy!

Ben Collette
Adam Kumpf

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Diesel awesome PEt lamp with Foscarini

-from diesel:
"Pet is a table lamp with a strong, dark personality that brings to mind the atmosphere of a gothic cartoon. The design is both warm and at the same time, insistent in its sharp and angular lines, which define the lamp’s forward arching metal stem and in the four “paws”, similar to the claws of a bird of prey. These paws attach to the individual feet-shaped bases, made of striped rubber."

-more info

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


-A little bit more images from the awesome TMA-1 from AIAIAI.
Apparently they are testing it right now and gathering feedback on the first round of prototypes, stay tuned...
But here is the full visual , can't wait ...
more infoull visu

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Virgin America: My inflight blogging experience..

-While i'm at it...

On my way From Seattle to San Francisco , on a Virgin america flight, i can actually use my netbook to tell you all the goods about this experience .
First of all , the plane looks WAY better than any other crappy airline , yes i say crappy, once you experienced those kind of flight , there is seriously no comparison ...
The lighting is awesome, the seats are comfortable and classy ( shiny white shell with black leather ) and the inflight entertainement system is pretty unique to , from ordering your favorite drink , yes the even have Absinthe ;) at a swipe of a credit card, to chat with other random passenger, to play games and watch countless movies ,and ohhh wait, you can even play Doom ... the experience is quite unique, as i had to work online i had to experience the only down side of it , the 9 Us $ fee for inflight wireless, but oohh what , inflight wireless , ohh well let's enjoy it,
Did i tell you that i was in economy class too... it's not like american airline or Us airways can even give you this opportunity , they don't even have inflight entertainement system on board for internal flight, so if i can actually provide free advertising for awesome companies like Virgin america , i said it , <<<<