Wednesday, May 31, 2006

audio umbrella

-looks like samsung has a new concept of audio umbrella , looks pretty good , directly inspired from singing in the rain .. i guess this will change your aprehension when a rainy day is announced..
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goods in seattle

-kick ass shop , actually skate shop but separated in two different room ,nice stuff , exclusive nike SB shoes every now and then , its growing .. for sure who know where they'll be in 5 years .. everywhere ?
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sold out by colette

-here is a new webstore were you can find all sort of limited edition stuff , trendy shirt and sneakers and other fun stuff , a selection by the colette shop crew (paris) and la MJC , enjoy ....
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the "controlled collision" table

-here is a funky funny , colorfull table for your meetings , in a world of clinical white purity , this is a fresh piece of furniture. well done.
from advertisement agency Strawberryfrog in amsterdam

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Over_lay workstation

-this student from honk kong AKA terrylo designed this workstation concept , pretty smart and good looking piece of furniture .
his own words are "The die-cut plank only can be changed to a table when it relies on the wall and stands on the ground. The skeletons of the building now have an added value of becoming one part of the product and also the media to the environment and user himself."

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Vivavi :: Alpha Chair by PIE

About Vivavi :: "Vivavi's mission is to make it easy for individuals to lead contemporary lifestyles in balance with the environment. Our furniture and furnishing collections are created by forward-thinking designers who consider green design intrinsic to good design. They use pure and renewable materials, recycled and recyclable materials, and energy-efficient processes, creating beautiful products that respect both human health and nature."
About the chair :: "Designed by Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta for PIE, the Bamboo Alpha chair is hand-crafted with fine attention to detail. The smooth, sensous curves exhibit an Asian inspired minimalism that feels right at home in the contemporary world."
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Designed by Akemi Tanaka with Roberto Achacoso. It is a green/social design playground concept for the Alexandra Township in South Africa. Utilizes tires from shanties that are being torn down in order to develop more permanent structures.
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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

extremely lightweight bike saddle

-here is the last one from tioga , lightweight , very very very thin and actually good looking , don't know if its comfortable but in this world thiness this is a winner.
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new toyz on display

-Dr. Bomb Blackcross by frank kozic and warhead by Shok1 are the new toyz available at my plastic heart shop .
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Fire display

-Just because i am back from sasquatch festival , and i still have a lot of tunes and rythmes in my head , her eis the fire display .. but what a waste ..but a fun waste .

Friday, May 26, 2006

Name That Manufacturer

The green lounge was a prop for the carpet...but I liked the lounge better...Can't tell if it would be comfortable, but for some reason I find it very aesthetically pleasing. I think that because it is green and sensuous I automatically dream myself into lying in a field, complete with sweet smelling grasses, and that is a wonderful accomplishment for a piece of furniture...

Who made this lovely guy?

I found it here...

KVADRAT :: curtains

There's a little something here for everyone from this Danish soft furnishings heavyweight, but there are a couple things that are experiences in and of themselves...because of the design the object becomes a destination...

Seen here :: Shadow & Pi

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HAUHAUZ, Scandinavian Design

Gorgeous hand-screen-printed linen products.

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The Fuse Project, Yves Behar, and all of these gorgeous highly conceptual products are not new...but they deserve attention for consistently delivering design integrity, for the value that they add to design and the design community. Seen here: Leaf personal light for Herman Miller and the Transformer laptop for Toshiba.

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adicolor kermit the frog

-Adidas jump quickly into the limited edition colorfull shoes ans one of the last contribution to this new fashion fandango is the adicolor kermit the frog ..
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foosball- baby foot for fortunate peoples

-ok its a nice looking foosball table . AKA baby foot in europe ...and its all weather , but at 4000 dollars would you put this nice piece of entertainment outside .. i wouldnt..
stainless steell and aluminium.
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Thursday, May 25, 2006

dialog05 universal connection

- what is the difference between analogue and digital, physical and virtual? what connects and bridges these apparently different worlds?
those guys melt reality and usb in a smart and funny way ...
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giovanni pagnotta carbon delight

-Here is the work of Giovanni , black and shinny , thin and sexy , the website is great too , specialy if you stay more than 2 minutes , have a look , those carbon fiber furnitures are pretty sweet , even if i still don't understand why would you create a garbage bean with carbon fiber....
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

sony transformer ad..


eric feng crazy world

-Look at those illustrations , so deep and so precise its kind of amazing that illustrator can create something so poetic , i mean that somebody can create such a visual pleasure with lines.
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Old but still interesting LUCEPLAN

-Zio and Nipotino are table and floor lamps in injection-moulded white polycarbonate. These new “support lamps” take a fluorescent bulb housed underneath the top. This creates an indirect light and produces a graphic play of visually restful effects.
The dimensions of the Zio are designed to allow the lamp to be placed with ease on a desk without taking up too much room. Its top can in fact comfortably accommodate a sheet of typing paper and the sort of documents normally associated with a workstation.
The Nipotino also can be used in innumerable different ways: from its ideal placement next to the computer keyboard, to its function as a discreet luminous presence.

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tom dixon and artek

-have you ever heard about this new colection of Stuff , yes stuff, chair , stool , birdcage ... from tom dixon for artek simple , white almost directly inspired by an hospital environnement ... but terribly attractive . for me at least .

through wallpaper


-from Globe , a skateboard brand , this is a nice visual co-branding , globe and kawasaki .. don't really know if its a nice design , but at least its pretty iconic .. NO?
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nepal ice axe

-basic instinct , hiking soon....? I was pretty impressed by the technical quality the lightweight and the design of this Ice axe, even if i know absolutely nothing about it .. i'm sure somebody else will like it.
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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the tongue chair

I have no idea about who designed this chair , visible at milano furniture fair , its produced by arflex its terribly sexy and probably really confortable.
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holy day by massaud

-available at DWR , the simplicity and elegance of this chair is refreshly surprising .
manufactured by viccarbe , there is also a table collection.
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new ugly dolls

-4 new ugly dolls just arrived in your favourite shop.. run run run for those spongy ugly pillow. :)
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Magnetic key rack

-Magnetic key rack - with hidden magnets, made in solid oiled oak.
for POM, a smart way to use magnet , i hope that you don't have a usb key attached to your other keys ..
Design: Patrik Svanberg
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-Woodstock rack and charriot. An easy-to-use wood log transporter and stocking facility for in- and outdoor extremis , a belgium company which philosophy came from his name : Translated from ancient Latin the word "extremis" means something like "out of the ordinary" in the positive sense of pushing limits to the highest level
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the Rolls Royce 101 EX

-the Rolls Royce 101 EX is based on its prestigious predecessor the Phantom , it will be revealed at the BRITISH INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW on the 20 th of july .
looks shorter , more agressive and .. did i say sexy ?
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Monday, May 22, 2006

Stick in a box

-Stick in a box
STICK IN A BOX is the ultimate utensil for stirring your pot, flipping your steak, scooping from your jar, slicing your cake, buttering your toast, checking your sauce, scraping the bottom of your pot, or stopping your door. The uses for STICK IN A BOX are limited only by your imagination. STICK IN A BOX is worked from 100-year-old maple wood and subsequently polished by hand. This beautiful and useful item comes in a transparent box, with a typographical wordplay in black type and suggestions for use.
through core77
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wanna lose your mind?

-This loop can be long , really long , a minute to enjoy an hour to kill , just visit this website , pretty amazing infinite loop.

i wanna visit the website

Friday, May 19, 2006


This interactive light floor leaves trails of light when walking over the colored surface. Looking back the light prints slowly fade out and disappear.

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Birdy namnam

-Birdy namnam is a french band of 4 turntablists , the website is so clean and the style is as sharp as the music cut , a whole delightfull package .
i know its not a music blog but for one time its a good music link .
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- Eva Solo has a new BBQ solution for you.

The table grill fits perfectly on the table or to take with you to a park.
To cap it all, the bowl features a light and elegant stainless steel handle.
It is easy to carry around thanks to its simple handle.

Easily fill the stainless steel container with coal and start your barbeque.

Cleaning and care of the product can easily be made in a dish washer.
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Start barbecues in seconds without lighter fluid

-The versatile looftlighter can not only be used outdoors to light grills but is also very useful when lighting your indoor fireplace.

To light a fire in the fireplace:
1. Check that the flue is open.
2. Put the largest split logs on the inside, and the smallest on the outside.
3. Place small balls of paper against the smaller logs.
4. Plug in the Looftlifhter and hold it against the paper. Press the button.
5. When the paper begins to burn, hold the looftlighter 20-30cm from the logs and keep using it until the fire is established.
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Touchscreen Computer Display Floats in Mid-Air

-As the manufacturer describes it "Heliodisplay images are not holographic although they are free-space, employing a rear projection system in which images are captured onto a nearly invisible plane of transformed air."

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Julien D`HOKER scooter

-not so new but still very interesting , D' own vision of the Deluxe scooter .
As you can imagine the seat fold when not in use , smart and sexy .. for sure.
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Sony ericcson W710

-rugged phone are usually crappy looking , i mean , really not refined orange aor yellow and look like a catterpillar device with no sense of subtlety , if found this music phone from sony erricson had something interesting and for those who run there is an integrated miles counter chronometer .. RDS FM radio, 2 megapixel shooter, MusicID service, Bluetooth (A2DP stereo audio not specified), and measure in at about 1-inch thick and 3.6-ounces.i say nice.
through engadget
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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

inflatable usb key

-The size of the device changes depending on the amount of data it holds.

When the device is about to blow up you will see the familiar error message on your screen: "There is not enough free space".

When swithched off the flashbag remains pumped up, so you can estimate with the naked eye how much more pics, books and music albums can be transferred into it.
by plusminus design :russian designer Dima Komissarov

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Robert Hardgrave

Just next door to the Roq la Rue (er, in the Belltown, in Seattle)...a new gallery opened last Friday... BLVD, specializing in urban contemporary art. Check out the show "Groundswell." Featured here -- Robert Hardgrave, aka Farmer Bob. I really enjoy it because you have to look again...and again...and again. Complex imagery, seductive line quality, fantasy, danger, dreams, a whole mythological world...all here...
hmmm...can't seem to find a website, try this interview by juxtapoz