Monday, November 13, 2006

Sirkka Hammer and Duncan Wilson : simple ideas ..

-Look at this wall, first this is useful, made of tones of post it , with different gray tones...second it' s great looking, i mean it's evolutive and its really iconic.
design,concept :Sirkka Hammer

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Anonymous said...

Damn, I just want that painted on one of my walls!

Anonymous said...

As far as I know the pixel-note wallpaper, was Sirkka Hammer's idea and she who won the award at the new walls competition in 2004.

Pixel Notes work belongs to Sirkka Hammer and NOT Duncan Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Duncan helped me out with picture taking and photo retouching. He is a great product designer and a good friend of mine!
but to keep things right: yes, idea, concept & art work rights belong to me, sirkka hammer.

GREAT NEWS: it might get produced soon...

benko said...

good to know sirkka , thanks for visiting the llama, really appreciate , let us know when its gonna get produced.via