Sunday, November 26, 2006

new world shopping emporium :: shanghai

it is true what chriscoco says about shanghai -- it's not built to human scale. the same principle has been applied to the shopping. we went to the new world shopping emporium to see what we could find, from a designer's perspective. i was expecting massive scale, but i wasn't really prepared for what that is in reality. furthermore, i was expecting an assortment of mass-produced goods similar to that which you might find in your "average upscale" mall in the states. well, er, i was blown away. it was really a joy to look the details, the wide wide range of the assortments, the luxury products in well-loved brand lines, the SHAZAAM! on the ladies shoes...there was too much to absorb (or even photograph) in a handful of hours so i focused mainly on shoes...o, the shoes


benko said...

wow, love the three bands treatment . nice catch.

Michelle M said...

3 brands, the brand aux 3 stripes, love love love them. i'd seen a lot of this stuff in magazines or in passing, never really looked closely. such gorgeous work, simple and clean but perfect details