Sunday, November 26, 2006

shanghai :: part 2 :: the city

llollipop here, reporting in for duty. i took a trip. here are some pics. 3ish days in shanghai. and more. more later.

i wish i could explain to you the vastness of shanghai, particularly in comparison to most american cities i know. the cityscape pictures you see are from my hotel room, looking south and east, in pudong, south of the huangpu river. the heart of city is behind me, to the north. so here we are, looking out as the city stretches out and falls away...sort of. it is staggering to me that buildings of that size and quantity go as far as the eye can see. even on days with low haze levels. and most of what you see did not exist maybe 5 years ago. other photos: shanghai grand theater, huai hai road -- the city shops at night

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