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One and co latest product
Its well designed ,its practical and .. i like it thats all .
its the new Wireless headset for plantronic named pulsar. who allow you to choose from your phone or your ipod in your pocket , with just one button ... nice.
"o need to fuss with your iPod and cell phone anymore. Just keep them both in your bag and use the Pulsar bluetooth headset to switch seamlessly between music and mobile phone calls with the touch of a button. In designing this first stereo bluetooth headset, One & Co aimed at the music lover who doesn’t mind a quick intermission for a phone call. "
One and co


6:31 PM Charity Doc said...

looks cool, you have one? If you do, how's the sound quality?

6:49 PM benko said...

no i don't have one . i wish i had one though .sorry

5:33 AM Charity Doc said...

Thanks. Guess I'll have to go find one and test it out. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, that guy with the electrical wire is disturbing.

6:08 AM Anonymous said...

Great blog!
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