Monday, March 20, 2006


These are dreamy. Another twist in this genre of design & illustration that is gaining in popularity like mad. I love it for the freedom...

Link to the site

And a little blurb:
The prolific Maruto as he is known here, assembles a new page each month (even if it feels like the pages assemble themselves) into a beautiful and scalable one-page Flash wonder.

Maruto devises a new interactive experiment that over a brief time span, combined with music and rich evolving animations, leaves the viewer with a dreamy visual work of light and 'sensation'. Once-Upon-A-Forest is a book of ephemeral cyber paintings that at anytime could entropy back to nothing on a blank screen.

There's a nice story about Once here: 'A look into concept and inspiration' from (link has moved since initial posting).

Blurb found here:

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