Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Ok, here I go, welcome to my soapbox. I am SO down with this company. We've got this carpeting at my work and it is not only a great environmentally friendly choice but it is also my favorite corporate carpet experience. It walks well, wears well and is good to the eyes. SAY NO to large green & gold floral carpet patterns!!! Anyhoo, I read somewhere that this company's goal (end-all-be-all) is to be the world's first truly sustainable company (the exact definition and description of which I do not fully remember so I will not attempt to repeat and butcher here) and I believe that this is a fabulous philosophy for business, for conducting life, for giving your children a world better than the one that you landed in, etc. Their first steps in becoming a sustainable company (for there are many many many) involve changing their thinking about design and manufacturing in order to create a sustainable product. YES YES YES! It is a fundamental principle of design that often innovation, breakthrough, the new, the unique, the memorable comes from changing your thinking. Voila, FLOR. Enjoy.
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