Thursday, November 18, 2010

if you love product design , you'll love manufacturing process

-For the love of manufacturing Process , i am proud to present you the product by process blog, it's basically a video blog about industrial process, it's not about the finished product here, it's about how it's made, what kind of finish you can apply on a raw piece of aluminum, it's about plastic molding, metal stamping,3d printing or sand casting. It's all there,old technology , experimental process or what will shape the future of our everyday future in term of production .

- Product by process is trying to be a tool for designers , material passionate or just curious users that are wondering or not about how we "design" things.

Ultimately part of the design process, defining the best manufacturing processes,or the choice of material and finishes is one or probably the most important part of the product realization and ultimately influence and define the experience you'll have with the finished product .

Go check it out ,and enjoy some basics, some fun and some crazy necessary step to create your everyday products that surrounds you.

-visit product by process

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