Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The fantastic work of Ionna Vautrin

-Randomly wondering about the designer of the latest lamp for foscarini called Binic, i rapidly discovered that "A LOT" of my favorite pieces of design were actually designed by the same designer : Ionna Vautrin ...
From my early love with Industreal and the "pour ma retraite" piggy bank to the Panier percé designed in 2005 or later 2006; the Vases texturés edited by Indutreal , the Glass and porcelain vases for the Fabbrica del vapore in 2008, all those projects have been realized in collaboration with Guillaume Delvigne .I even remember that Palm leaf woven pair of shoes in 2003, the Palm Shoes , all of those have definitely influenced choices and created a calm, yet rich aesthetic that i'm really appreciating.
I'm glad i finally found this designer portfolio and will definitely follow her in the future.
Great work there.

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