Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tadashi Kawamata fantastic wood huts and creations since 1977

-Looking for tree houses i stumble upon the work of Tadashi Kawamata , i was amazed by the visionary statement of his early work.
Since first exhibiting his work in 1977, Kawamata has produced a large amount of sculpture, tree houses, showpiece for exhibition and projects all over the world.
What strikes me is the type of work he was doing in between 1980 and 1990 which i think was too advanced for his time.
Nowadays, Arne Quinze is creating similar work in fluorescent shades of colors ,with a lot more media coverage , but if you look at it a little bit more, those guys work is not far apart, nowadays Kawamata is creating all sorts of Urban tree house from Art bezel in Miami to Versailles, constructing little houses attached to a building , an electric pole or some lonely urban tree, one word, genius.
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Ben Lepley said...

Wow, this is amazing!
reminds me so much of the scaffolding and slums I saw in Bombay. The dichotomy of the classical architecture and these pods attached is really stunning.

Unknown said...

He just left Manhattan, in Madison Square Park. I saw these in Tokyo:

Bent Perspective said...

What is amazing is that this is considered art. Some of his pieces and execution are well designed, i.e. the pallet waterfall, but seriously? Tree-houses that look like they were made by the neighborhood 12 yr old?