Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Milano 09 :senseware exposition

-this year at the Milan furniture fair you could see at the triennale an exhibition called senseware

this installation appear to breath , the material is formed by extrusion to leave air between fibers, it is like polyester , its elastic and extra durable, can be used as cushioning..
this installation is just made to l illustrate the propriety of this new material, i saw that in Milan at the triennale in 09

created by Hirro Iwata , the robot tiles incorporate sensors using electrically-conductive textiles .it basically detect foot position by conveying informations about where pressure has been applied .. sweeet .

mist bench , optical fiber that respond to movement , well it's in the title, the only thing is there is sensor in front of the bench that feel the user, and compare to other optical fiber this one can glow by gradient , by knitting thos fiber , gwenael nicolas created a unique and soft experience..

this awesome installation is made of tiny little needle , on top of a water resistant surface , this process is able to create words or graphic, when the drop is heavy enough it just fall down.. super nice.

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