Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the kenguru

I want to celebrate, do a little dance in the street! I passed over the zoop, a very cool new electric car from Maison de Courreges to post this... The Kenguru is a great example of design used to empower people. There is no front seat -- the wheelchair user simply enters through the back door, positions himself into place and then locks the chair in place. found here


benko said...

they should have tried to think about the front design , cause it's kind of Ugly . but the concept is great , smart .

Michelle M said...

no one ever said good design HAS to be sexxxyvoluptuousblowyourmindgorgeous... of course it's always nice when it's smart AND sexy, I won't argue with that...but forced to make a choice -- I'll take smart over sexy any day