Monday, June 12, 2006

Webb Scarlett de Vlam

Ok...I don't talk about mass consumer products or packaging very's usually no where near as dreamy as all of our concept cars and designer toys and such but I'm making an exception!!! With recent changes in materials and technology, the standard concepts in consumer packaging (and what consumers have come to expect from consumer packaging) have been undergoing serious shape-shifting... It's not enough for a product label to proudly & distinctively proclaim the features of, say, your favorite liquid soap NOR for the container also to be sexy AND efficient at holding your goo...In addition, the container has to...well...handle like it was born to do just what you desire it to do AND make you feel just like you want to feel. It's a tall order, the competition is tough and the price points are killer. Form & function, features & fashion all have to unite in perfect harmony. take a peek at these folks

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