Monday, June 19, 2006

ATOMdesign :: hammer for Vaughan & Bushnell

I love it when people redesign objects whose design language has become so very very commonplace... What's even better is that this hammer seems to have all the earmarks of a superior product. In their words, "The Split-Head hammer offers many new features never seen before in the industry such as integrated overstrike plates, modular head construction, and elastomeric shockgaskets just to name a few." more info


Anonymous said...

Thats really cool! One of those classic- why didn't I think of it?

Amazing that they really came up with something truly innovative- Great job!

Anonymous said...

These are all hammer vaughan bushnell is very nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi all this is my first comment and this site is very hummer for Vaughan and bushnell.