Thursday, January 27, 2011

Emily Pilloton ,Studio H and the Teague academy

-Yesterday night was the official re-launch of the TEague academy in Seattle , it was held at the Seattle sculpture park , the designer invited was Emily Pilloton, an awesome architect that started with a project called project H then a year later launched studio H: A real-world experiment in design-based education.
To make it short : a really nice story story about two San francisco architects that decided to move to the poorest county in North Carolina and design a program to help public school kids build themselves a better futur by learning, ideation, welding, creation, critique, team work ...
A really fresh approach and a nice message for us "comfortable designers" . I especially loved her last message which sounded like " if you want to get inspired , copy or redo this program, take my hard drive, i'll give you everything about what i learn, i just don't know if i have what i take to repeat the experience somewhere else , i'm here to stay and you are welcome to follow the movement" brilliant.

Here are some visuals of the chicken coop projects she's just been finishing with her students.
Thanks Tad Toulis for bringing a real design super hero to remind us that design can actually do "real" good things :)

Here is a video of her TED talk

more info

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