Thursday, August 12, 2010

They arrived... , My little TMA-1 by AIAIAI

By little i mean ,Big ,Flat black, awesome new pair of TMA-1 headphone from AIAIAI, designed by copenhagen design firm Kibisi , i've been following the story of this product till this week ,when they finally launch this pair of visual and audio pleasure.

I have to say they are heavy , but the sound is crystal clear, the cushions move a little bit if you bounce your head but it doesn't feel bad at all .
They arrived with two different types of cushion , leather and foam , the lack of detail or i would say the attention to the minimal amount of detail is just delightful.
Really happy about those.

Those guys at Kibisi start to be really interesting , i mean they've been designing some pretty awesome product since a while now and this product just make me want to know a little bit more.



greg germe said...

Just got my pair today :)

benko said...

yeah ..;)