Saturday, May 01, 2010

Virgin America: My inflight blogging experience..

-While i'm at it...

On my way From Seattle to San Francisco , on a Virgin america flight, i can actually use my netbook to tell you all the goods about this experience .
First of all , the plane looks WAY better than any other crappy airline , yes i say crappy, once you experienced those kind of flight , there is seriously no comparison ...
The lighting is awesome, the seats are comfortable and classy ( shiny white shell with black leather ) and the inflight entertainement system is pretty unique to , from ordering your favorite drink , yes the even have Absinthe ;) at a swipe of a credit card, to chat with other random passenger, to play games and watch countless movies ,and ohhh wait, you can even play Doom ... the experience is quite unique, as i had to work online i had to experience the only down side of it , the 9 Us $ fee for inflight wireless, but oohh what , inflight wireless , ohh well let's enjoy it,
Did i tell you that i was in economy class too... it's not like american airline or Us airways can even give you this opportunity , they don't even have inflight entertainement system on board for internal flight, so if i can actually provide free advertising for awesome companies like Virgin america , i said it , <<<<

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