Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mass Lighter light graff portraits

-you guys heard about light graff, keep the shutter open on your camera ,draw with a light source and enjoy the result , well ...Mass is bringing it to the next level here , by mixing original portrait with ligh graph background , he's bringing us a little more than a portrait ,it's more like a story or a moment.
You can check way more work through his website or by typing MASS light graff on google.
Anyway , enjoy and go check the whole collection via the more infos link .

more info
more info


Anonymous said...

Hello I'm MASS
how knew me?I am happy to see that you like my work but this article does not make me a good publicity, my work are much more to now work.
here links so that you can see my work:
- facebook : mass xpressions urbaines
- facebook : Xpressions Urbaines

here my e-mail if you wish to contact me :

P.S: could you withdraw the passage on Hide, we do not work together!)

Thank you

benko said...

Hey mass,
Thanks for the comment, no problem, the links are updated .
let me know if you want me to change anything else .

Anonymous said...

Hello, it's MASS
thank you for the modifications.
if you want more beautiful Light you can see my work on :!/profile.php?id=100000316908654&v=photos
we also created an association to make discover LightGraff and other urban arts. This association proposes in particular workshops with the young people of districts to open them with art and photography. We animate also evenings to make known these arts with the greatest number ^^
you can see our actions on :

Peace & Light :D