Tuesday, December 09, 2008

time tuner

-Antrepo Design Industry is a multi-disciplinary Design culture
Time Tuner,it's not a tuner, just old fashion alarm clock with mp3 player for your timetable. It comes with three color options, Pure Black, Clean White, Strong Metal. it works with 4 AA size rechargeable battery or direct DC link.nice
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Anonymous said...

Good idea for a Christmas gift!
Do you know the price?

Also, I like somebody's comment :

"Interesting concept, but it only displays 11 hours.

What about the hour between 12:00 and 1:00?"

Any thoughts?.....

Anonymous said...

The larger line is the "minute hand"....look closer it shows all the hours...the hour lights up.

for example if it was 12:45" 12 would light up and the large line would slide across as time passes

benko said...

Nice, so where can we buy that?