Monday, November 17, 2008

Cannondale Stealth concept bike

-made out of carbon, this CannonDale Stealth (prototype) (edit) has been designed by Erik Eagleman (industrial designer)and Torgny Fjeldskaar : Director of Industrial Design at Cannondale which will be design llama's first profile study .
insane proportions and visual power, this is definitely a different looking bike. just love it , don't know if i would like to ride it or if i would prefer to hang it on my wall , anyway .
after looking at it , here is the design team menbers :
Design teams:
Torgny Fjeldskaar (Design lead)
Erik Eagleman (Industrial Design + production)
Jeremy Mikesell (Engineering + production)
Steve Extance (Engineering + production)
David Smith (Graphic Design + production)
Curt Davis (Product Manager)
via below the cloud


erikeagleman said...

Actually this Bike was a collaboration designed by Torgny and myself (Erik Eagleman)just to keep the record straight ;)Thanks

benko said...

hey, thanks for passing by, there it is, i updated the post, very nice job by the way .

byron said...

trippy it's like an old madone + magic motorcycle design + lefty.

Anonymous said...

One of the nice new 8 or 9 spd internals on the back would simplify things even more.