Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hot surfaces: Joshua Maruska screen capture

-Coworker and design guru Joshua Maruska is somehow a Cad killer, meaning , it looks like nothing can stop him when he want to achieve a goal ,( achieve... killer, hahahah) , so to be fast and not precise he used only Alias studio Tools 2008 some time and he did a screen capture of his modeling, no render , just photoshop for the depth of field .
The proportion are special but check the quality of the surface ,don't know if there is a lot of alias user here but this is impressive.
just check his blogfor a total description , here is a preview.

from his own words :
"I wanted something that evoked classic 60's cars (Dinos and Cobras and such) but still feel modern. I always loved this era since car design really was about the shape of things rather than how contorted the sheet metal could be or how many vents something could have (all functional of course!). Keep it simple. Make it nice."
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