Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Apple Iphone:: an i pod, a phone, a...

-Here it is , the new Apple extravaganza device with touch screen new interface , wi fi .....Specs are amazing, its basically an i-pod size device but it's just a screen, you can interact with it with multi touch interface ( pinch to zoom...)
Go vivit the apple website for more info and some technical demonstration of the software ability . oooh yeah its a phone too. and its 499 dollars for 4Gb and 599 for 8 Gb .. with contract (cingular) :(
more info


Anonymous said...

Touch screens are a bad idea for phones. Looks okay (not great), but it seems, like most ipod products, to fail to adhere to Universal Design standards. Which, of course, means it isn't well-designed. So odd, these past few years, Apple has produced poorly designed products that are among the least eco-friendly. Bizarre.

benko said...

they are pretty good in term of interaction design though. i mean they created the mouse, then the touch clic wheel base interface and now they patented a two finger touch screen interface. i guess we'l have to try it to discovver if its a good idea.
For the eco friendly part of it . i agree , such a big company should push for more eco friendly materials .