Tuesday, October 03, 2006

zenum technologies

-Here it is .
we posted the black diamond concept 6 month ago in the design llamaand ...tadaaa
some news about this good designer named jaren goh
Zenum is A company that produces phones and mp3 player , looks like its created by Jaren Goh , or at least designed by .. I'm really not sure its a real company or if its a big buzz, in order to speak about JG design but , it works , its a nice looking product with interesting features, i mean , its a nice rendering for now . let's see in the future if this became a real product or if it stay at the concept stage .. we'll keep you informed .here is the phone and the mp3 player.
jaren goh
zenum technologies


Anonymous said...

From information of whois.net,
zenum VIPN and fimsi

websites and companies seem to exist and belong to the same company working in phone and internet technologies :


I hope the guys will be strong enough to support the development of such products. Visually they look great.

Anonymous said...
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