Monday, April 23, 2012

ARTEFACT 999bottles kickstarter campaign

check out what Seattle design firm ARTEFACT came up with, the 999bottles , a water bottle with a manual dial on it , this system helps you track and visualize the positi
ve impact you can have on the environment by drinking from re-usable bottles instead of disposable ones. available with an app that gives you funny and interesting insight about your comsumption as weel as the impact of your choices. Help this product hit the market by pledging on kickstarter here :


Hillary said...

Yup, that's brilliant. I just saw the commercial that says Americans use enough bottled waters to wrap around the earth several times. This products makes a lot of sense after seeing that ad!

Newspaper Article said...

good bottle, i want create it

Joana Carvalheira said...

Congrats to ARTEFACT that came up with this system! ;)

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Designer Marcio Dupont said...

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