Wednesday, April 13, 2011

seattle pionner square art walk: carl faulkner

-CArl Faulkner is a visual artist born in eureka ca,
raised in manitou springs, and currently residing in seattle wa

Carl Faulkner art is just So violently attractive, it's definitely eye catching and mind blowing, the very soft and fluorescent colors that are all over his studio are just contrasting just the right amount with the visual energy that the models express.
proportions are perfect, models are gorgeous, and there is enough Gory, sexy craziness in here to make it unique and awesome.

Carl Faulkner's work universally captures a provocative and playful love of color. He explores themes of neoteny, sexuality, fantasy and contemporary subculture. He is based in Seattle WA, and holds his BFA from Cornish College of the Arts.

paintings captured here are : Dripping Defiance and Joyful Lasciviousness, for better quality images go visit his website through the more infos link.

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Anonymous said...

Cool looking stuff!