Sunday, February 06, 2011

Acupainture aka Bowa , body painting ,face painting and graffiti

- We've seen body painting before, I've seen graffiti on bodies too, i just discover and fell in love with this symbiosis that Acupainture aka Bowa is creating between paint and curves , those curves are natural and are feminines but the colorful and violent lines and proportions that Bowa put on those body somehow compliment and create a all new level of beauty.

Those images are full of contrast, they are eye catching but they are also deep and somehow tells story ,I can only imagine that those kind of canvas are not just like a white page or a concrete wall, those ephemeral art pieces are for me some kind of a co-creation, between the model and the painter.

He's experimenting with paint but also with image through the lens of his camera,playing with light , mood , black and white ...

He's been also lately experimenting the mix of bodypainting and lightgraff with
Hide (that we highlighted in the past here on the design llama for a video collaboration with Benjiro) .

check his facebook page for way more pix .

From his own words:
"Après plus d'une dizaine d'années dans la pratique du graffiti...Me
tournant désormais vers la plus éphémère des disciplines,le body
& je passe dès lors sur le plus beau des "supports" : la Femme.
Je n'ai aucunement la prétention d'être photographe,ni même maquilleur...
Je suis juste un agitateur visuel, qui recherche la symbiose & la mise
en valeurs du corps féminin par la peinture."
AcupAinture aka bOwa

"after more than 10 years spent doing graffiti ,my main practice is now the most ephemeral one: Body painting.
My support is the most beautifully one, Women's body .
I'm not proclaiming myself a photographer or even a make up artist ..
I am just a visual agitator,that search the symbiosis and try to highlight the women's body through paint.
AcupAinture aka bOwa

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