Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gestural interface 1 Hour design competition

Hey there,
You still have 10 days to enter the Core 77 One hour design challenge -
This one is based on Gestural interface , a common effort between core 77 and Teague I'll be part of the jury with Tad toulis and Adam Kumpf .
the prizes are the following :

First place winner will be awarded an Arduino kit and Teague will donate $500 in their name to NPower Seattle.

Second Place winner will receive a $500 donation in their name to Project H Design from Teague.

After working on the radioball , we approached Core 77 with this competition .

here is the brief :

Digital interfaces, while compelling and empowering, drive us towards a flatness that’s disorienting and boring. We’re losing the richness that makes the physical world so compelling. Worse yet, we’re replacing intuitive interactions with poor substitutes in our effort to make everything ‘fit’ on screen.

This 1 Hour Design Challenge invites designers to come up with a meaningful counterpoint to the all-in-one interface of the screen. You are tasked with creating a simple but engaging interaction that does not rely on a screen for input or output. You are free to appropriate an everyday object or to create a unique piece of geometry, but your solution must invite the user to interact with information or their surroundings in a way that encourages discovery while delivering an element of performance.

Looking forward for your submission.
follow the link to check some submissions and to participate .

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