Thursday, October 29, 2009

Light Up a Life With a Llama

-Ok it's cold outside it's almost time to go snowboarding, have fun ,celebrate and all that .
I receive today the Heifer International booklet , charity for world hunger .
In their catalogue they have a donation for divers animals, one of them is a llama .
so i am trying to raise 150$ to buy one llama to a family .
help me via this link.

let's get a llama<br /><br />&eacutenews design and stuff

here is the description :

Light Up a Life With a Llama

When resources are scarce, it's important that livestock don't use up land reserved for people. At home in rough, mountainous areas of Latin America, llamas are a blessing to families with limited pasture land because they can eat the scrub vegetation that other domesticated animals won't eat. Llama droppings help fertilize topsoil — improving crops and reducing erosion.

Women weave their llamas' fleece into warm clothing to wear or sell. They load them up with goods for market and trek with them across rugged slopes at high altitudes. As they travel, llamas' padded feet don't damage the fragile terrain and their selective browsing doesn't destroy sparse vegetation.

Llamas and their kin, the alpaca, provide Heifer families with invaluable sources of transportation, income and wool, which is prized for making blankets, ponchos, carpet and rope.

And as these handy helpers are passed on to other families through Heifer's model, llamas are helping transform entire communities.

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