Monday, April 27, 2009

Diesel successful living furniture launch party at the diesel Penthouse

- The Diesel Brand together with Moroso and Foscarini presented during the Salone Del Mobile at the Diesel Penthouse a collection of sexy pieces of furnitures and lighting.I really liked the raw quality of some of the pieces.

The collection is pretty simple in form but efficient in style with the use of complex print and patterns or surface details, bringing the succesfull design language of Diesel to the world of furnitures .from extra large couch , to ultra washed out wood chairs ,they also designed some pretty smart and good looking lighting pieces, a nice collection overall.

During the launch ,i had the occasion to meet and shake Renzo Rosso's hand and spend an insane moment at the diesel Penthouse , featuring Dj, live concert, outdoor patio..
The exhibition and event details like the Patio tents or the Bed Dj booth has been realized by a company called Wink, based in netherland,which apparently work a lot with the diesel brand , and also many more.

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